Transgenderism’s Defense Turns Desperate After Nashville School Massacre

The defense of transgenderism is mounting after a “trans man,” i.e., a woman, slaughtered three kids and three elderly staffers at a Nashville, Tennessee school.

It is turning desperate as MSNBC’s Joy Reid attacked a right-wing “crusade” against “transgender people” as “dangerous evil.”

Marxists Raging Because Americans Stand Up to Trans Lunacy

Three nine-year-old children and three employees in their 60s were killed last Monday by 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a heavily armed attacker also using the male name “Aidan,” at Covenant Presbyterian School in Nashville.

The incident became remarkable, among other things, because the perpetrator was a “trans man,” thus robbing the progressive crazies of their typical narrative that transgenders can never be aggressors, but can only be the most unjustly downtrodden people in the history of the world.

A particularly vicious tirade reeking of desperation caused by this new blow was delivered by Joy Reid on her MSNBC show “The ReidOut.”

In her rant, Reid accused conservatives and Republicans of staging a “dangerous and evil,” but also “raging nationwide crusade” against transgenders.

Who’s This Morally Desperate, Really?

The MSNBC host decried the alleged “siege” that the transgender community in Tennessee had already been living under, even before the Nashville school massacre – which included fearing for their lives.

After the shooting, however, according to Reid, the situation of trans humans in the state has become even worse. In her words, transgenders there are “terrified,” but, apparently, not by what one of their own kind did by massacring kids. They are scared for their safety, Reid alleged.

Joy Reid was particularly outraged by the overtly obvious conclusion drawn by Fox News host Tucker Carlson from the Nashville bloodbath – namely, that the “trans movement” is already targeting Christians openly “with violence.”

Against that backdrop, Reid accused right-wing Americans of falling into a “moral panic” over transgenderism. Her attempt to portray the right as desperate, though, only gives out the moral desperation of the transgender left.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.