Trump Advisor Jason Miller Launches New Social Media Platform

Trump’s advisor Jason Miller has just launched a beta version of his new social media platform GETTR. The platform will resemble Twitter in a number of ways; according to Miller, the platform aims to be a non-biased social media platform.

Rumors have swirled around for months about President Trump creating a social media app but it looks as if his aide Jason Miller has made one instead. The big question is will President Trump be joining GETTR?

If Trump were to join, then the number of downloads would skyrocket for the new social media platform. Currently, right now the app is available on both the Google and Apple play stores, but the official launch will be on July 4th. Who knows; President Trump might make a big announcement declaring he will be joining the app too. I guess time will tell.

Since President Trump has been kicked off of both Facebook and Twitter, he has yet to join another social media platform. The 45th president has mostly communicated through releasing statements via his Save America PAC. Trump, for a brief moment of time, would release statements through his website “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” but has since taken the part of his site down.

Details About GETTR

The interface of GETTR will be similar to Twitter, but will also differ in several ways. Instead of limiting users to 140 characters like Twitter, GETTR will allow users to use up to 777 characters. Jason Miller also announced that videos up to three minutes long will be allowed to get uploaded to the site too.

As expected, the site will attract mostly conservatives but Miller has expressed he hopes people from all political affiliations join the site.

Other Facebook and Twitter Alternatives Besides GETTR

Since the purge of conservatives on Twitter and Facebook, many users have sought refuge in the social media platforms Gab, Parler, Telegram, and Clout Hub.

All of these social media sites have attracted millions of users, due to fact these social media platforms pride themselves on not censoring their users.

The Main Reason Why Jason Miller Created GETTR:

Miller wanted to combat censorship and the draconian rules that both Facebook and Twitter have enacted. Both of these platforms have hidden behind Section 230 in order to silence anyone that speaks.

Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act sets it up so that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have the authority to remove third-party content that they feel is inappropriate for their sites.

The act also gives the big tech companies immunity from facing any civil lawsuits either. So basically, these social media companies can ban users from their platform and not face any consequences.