Trump Ally Roger Stone Freed from All Charges Pertaining to January 6th Involvement

Over two years after the events of January 6th, Trump official and political planner Roger Stone has had all charges against him dropped by a Washington D.C. judge.

In response to finally being given his rightfully owned freedom back, Stone stated Judge Amit P. Mehta dismissed all counts against him that the eight Capitol Police members filed.

January 6th prosecution continues unfolding in Trump’s favor

The decision was made due to Stone having no involvement in the January 6th events outside of exercising his own 1st Amendment rights; he had nothing to do with the so-called federal incitement of violence that happened on that day.

CNN covered the story and confirmed everything Stone had done on January 6th was within the rights given to him by the Constitution.

Donald Trump chimed in on the development and congratulated Stone on his exoneration, sharing his excitement with his many followers on the Truth Social platform of his own design.

Roger made a post of his own on the platform, claiming it to be ironic how he was dismissed of all charges EXACTLY four years after his home was stormed by FBI agents on account of charges of him lying about the Russian collusion.

On top of being free of all charges, it’s hard to imagine Stone was even pinned for anything related to January 6th, seeing as he’d held a speech against violence only a day prior to the attack.

Epps still gets to walk free

In his speech, all he demanded was the truth be known; he belives the truth is Donald Trump won the 2020 election and both he and the rest of Trump’s followers and aides will stay committed to it.

It’s sad that peaceful figures like Roger Stone get the short end of the stick, while provocateurs get to walk free without any repercussions.

The fact that Ray Epps wasn’t held accountable for any of his actions just goes to show what a setup January 6th actually was and how it was fabricated to portray American patriots as national terrorists and a threat to this country.

In fact, there’s more than enough evidence to get Epps locked up for good for orchestrating the violent attack and entrapping the Trump supporters, but as long as the leftist fake news channels exist, he’ll get to walk free.

Had any other protester from that fateful day made the admissions Epps had, they’d have been crucified by the media and the woke mob.

Epps himself made the claim that people entering the Capitol made him sick to his stomach, despite there being video evidence of him doing the same and joining in on the destruction.

Thankfully, Stone had been vindicated. If justice is what it once was, he won’t be the last, and hopefully, we’ll soon see Trump cleared of all charges pertaining to the events of January 6th, allowing his presidential campaign for the coming year to prosper.