Trump Announces Huge Plans for January 6th 2022

President Trump knows how to to trigger his political enemies and absolutely make their minds explode.

In Trump’s most recent press release, the 45th president stated he will hold a press event on January 6th 2022, which will be exactly one year after the Capitol riot occurred.

In the press release, Trump stated the real insurrection occurred not on January 6th, but rather on the 3rd of November when voting took place.

That wasn’t all, though. Trump also railed on the media and on the January 6th Committee for not investigating why people protested on January 6th.

He slammed them for investigating anyone who was in DC that had contact with Trump on the days leading up to January 6th.

More on Trump’s Press Release and the Left’s Reaction

Trump also wrote in his press release the January 6th Committee has yet to do any investigation on alleged election fraud that occurred during the 2020 election.

He also stated that RINOs who are on the January 6th Committee are worst than even Democrats. As of right now, there are two Republicans on the January 6th Committee; they are Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Cheney and Kinzinger both voted to impeach Trump over the speech he gave on January 6th.

Far left Twitter immediately called for Trump to be arrested on January 6th after he put out the press release.

They also stated that all of the speakers who spoke at Trump’s rally on January 6th should be arrested.

So, essentially Democrats and RINOs are calling for anyone who exercised their freedom of speech to be arrested.

January 6th Committee is a Joke in America’s Eyes

Several polls that were released by political organizations state most Americans do not care about the January 6th Committee’s findings.

CNN does and has been covering the January 6th riot for close to a whole year now.

However, the polls already concluded Americans are sick of hearing about January 6th and as a result, CNN’s ratings have completely tanked and are getting worse each week.

As of right now, the committee has already sent subpoenas to high profile Trump supporters, such as Steve Bannon, General Flynn, and Alex Jones.

Bannon has already refused to testify before Congress and, as a result, has a criminal trial for refusing to testify before Congress.

Bannon was charged for contempt of Congress, which is a charge that no American has faced in decades.

This just goes to shows what lengths Democrats and RINOs will go to silence pro Trump media figures.

Both Jones and Gen. Flynn are planning to exercise their 5th Amendment rights and just remain silent before the committee, but their time to testify will not come until January.