Trump Announces Whether He’ll Join Twitter If Elon Reinstates Him

Well, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, SpaceX founder, and incredibly funny Twitter troll, has finally done it.

He declared his push to take Twitter private by purchasing 100 percent of its shares at a substantial premium.

This is a strategy that infuriated leftists across the nation and probably sent Twitter workers up the wall.

They are worried that he’ll come in there and effectively run Twitter like a corporation meant to make a profit, instead of censor the regime’s enemies.

One of the most pressing questions surrounding Elon Musk’s announcement is whether he intends to uncensor certain profiles flagged by Twitter for exercising their free speech.

People are particularly interested in learning whether Elon plans to reinstate Trump’s presence on Twitter.

If he does, then we can once again enjoy Trump’s brilliant tweets attacking Jeb Bush, liberal voices, and any other adversary who gets in his way or says anything less than 100 percent complimentary of him.

Trump May Not Come Back

Trump, on the other hand, may be less than enthusiastic about returning.

He believes too many conservative voices have been thrown off the platform, rendering it unappealing. In a recent interview, Trump stated that this was the case.

In the wake of Elon Musk’s takeover bid for Twitter, there has been talk that he may restore President Donald Trump’s account if he is successful in his quest.

However, the former president of the United States believes he “probably” would not return to Twitter.

After speaking with Sirius XM’s Americano Media on Wednesday, before Musk’s announcement, Trump stated he “probably wouldn’t have any interest” in returning to the site where he had nearly 90 million followers at the time of being suspended.

Twitter is Boring, According to Trump

“You know, Twitter has gotten a little boring lately. Many of their good voices have been lost, as has been the case with many of their Republican voices,” according to Trump.

However, the most significant part of that statement is Trump’s confession that he “probably would not have any interest.”

To be sure, there seem to be a lot of “ifs” involved in him potentially rejoining Twitter. To do this, Elon would have to be triumphant in his $43 billion buyout of Twitter, as well as reversing years of restrictions on the platform.

However, that’s possible, and if it does work out, Trump may be able to return to Twitter for the first time in years!

Trump, however, has his new platform Truth Social. Therefore, if Trump would to go back to Twitter, instead of staying exclusively on Truth Social, then users on Truth Social would just go to Twitter too.

Truth Social, as of right now, still has a waiting list and many users have waited months to sign in.