Trump Calls for DOJ to Declassify Documents

Trump is hopeful that the Department of Justice will really perform its job this go around.

President Trump said the Justice Department should definitely unseal remaining evidence from the first Trump-Russian hoax probe. The former president made these statements in an exclusive interview with Fox News, especially after Attorney John Durham’s fresh filing.

Trump said the Department of Justice “has the declassification order.” They should definitely declassify all of this, especially after recent events that have been made public.

Durham claimed that Tech Clinton Operative and his associates, including a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s presidential team, infiltrated internet servers.

These servers were related to a Trump Tower in New York City, Trump’s personal apartment, and even the Oval Office in the White House.

After Mueller’s investigation of the Russian hoax was concluded in May 2019, Trump requested that papers related to his campaign being under surveillance in 2016 be declassified by former Attorney General Bill Barr.

More Details on the Story

Mueller’s probe found zero evidence of any criminal collaboration or communications between Trump’s team and Russian authorities even during the 2016 race.

Trump told reporters, “We actually, really declassified, and Americans saw them. I believe you’ll witness some incredible things.”

Trump said there is “immense dishonesty and corruption.” He then urged the DOJ to release material to the public. “They should also declassify documents,” Trump said.

According to a previous statement from the Trump administration on Trump’s declassification order in 2019, Trump urged the intel agencies to rapidly and completely assist with the AG’s inquiry. 

This inquiry involved monitoring operations during the 2016 U.S. campaign at the request and suggestion of the attorney general.

According to the order, the attorney general was granted the complete authorization to declassify documents relating to the investigation.

Senators are Taking Action

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, along with Senator Ron Johnson, co-wrote a statement to AG Merrick Garland, accusing him of failing to follow Trump’s commands to declassify any evidence from the FBI’s first Trump-Russia probe.

The senators asked Garland to “provide those records to Congress and the American public without unlawful redactions.”

It is “obligatory upon the DOJ to decide which materials are approved under the declassification mandate,” according to Grassley and Johnson.

It is obvious from a statement Garland also emailed to several senators in January that the Justice Department hasn’t finished the job yet.

If additional evidence of Trump being spied on emerges, Hillary Clinton may find herself under oath.

The Daily Mail yesterday asked Clinton if she paid people to spy on Trump, but the former secretary of state ignored the question, which isn’t too surprising.

Durham’s finding is the biggest scandal to be unearthed since Nixon’s Watergate scandal, but the MSM is silent because Trump is right.