Trump Declares Biden Should Resign After Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

President Trump didn’t hold his tongue regarding Biden’s disastrous military withdrawal plan in Afghanistan. The New York Post reported that in a press release, Trump declared that Biden needs to resign immediately for the complete disgrace he is responsible for in Afghanistan.

Trump Declares Biden Should Resign After Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

On early Monday morning in Afghanistan, the Taliban emphatically declared the Afghanistan war is over and completely sieged the presidential palace in Kabul.

Pictures of the Taliban sitting in what was the former president of Afghanistan’s chair confirmed the grim reality that the Taliban has seized full control of Afghanistan.

President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan fled the country on Sunday; this completely shocked the Biden administration, due to the fact that in July, Biden stated that the Taliban had no chance against Afghan forces.

The Scene at the Airport in Kabul is Absolutely Heartbreaking

Videos and pictures of the scene at the Kabul airport are completely saddening. A video that has gone viral shows thousands of Afghnaistan citizens gathering around a American C-17 transportation aircraft that was evacuating U.S. troops and other personel from Afghanistan, after the country fell to the Taliban.

One video in particular shows men jumping up on the C-17 and desperately clinging onto the aircraft for dear life; as the aircraft took off, the men still held on.

As the plane elevated further up in the air, two men fell off the plane and plunged towards their death. The videos of the men clinging onto the aircraft for dear life show the pure desperation of Afghanistan citizens at the moment.

Biden has completely destroyed the country of Afghanistan via his complete incompetence of being able to handle troop withdrawals from Afghanistan; this video alone has proved it.

Trump is 100% right; there’s no recovery from this debacle for Biden and he should resign immediately. After 20 years of American soldiers shedding blood and American taxpayers forking over 2.2 trillion dollars, all that is left are videos of completely desperate Afghanistan citizens cling on to U.S. Air Force aircrafts for dear life.

Biden Quiet Regarding Afghanistan So Far

It’s expected that Biden will make a special press conference regarding the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan; however, as of right now, he’s hiding at Camp David in Texas.

The Department of Defense, however, announced that they will accept over 30,000 Afghan emergency visas to help citizens in the country escape the terror that has taken over.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has also been nowhere to be seen and silent too. It appears as if the entire Biden administration has vanished.

When Fox News sent out an email to ask Psaki about her whereabouts, they received an email that she would be out of the office from August 15-22.