Trump Going Full Speed Forward, Sheds Heavy Criticism on Biden’s Abuse of Power

Last week on Saturday, Trump finally decided to stop holding back, once again doing what he knows best: rallying crowds of his supporters and showing the real truth the corrupt Democrats are hiding from us.

He went after the head honcho Biden first, claiming what Joe’s been doing for the past couple of years is a weaponization of the justice system, assuring he’ll take the forces destroying America head-on, for all of our sakes.

Trump’s campaign kicks off to a great start as he tears into Biden at the Waco rally

Comparing it to something you’d expect to read in some Russian literature, Trump argued the lawsuit against him is nothing short of prosecutorial misconduct.

He said the radical left doesn’t care about who’s guilty or innocent, they just want to see someone burned at the stake.

In his typical comedic approach to delivering these speeches, Trump denied any relationship with Stormy Daniels, whom he called “horse face,” adding there’s only one first lady for him right now and it would be Melania.

While the left has certainly been putting in overtime just to undermine Trump’s campaign and make his supporters lose morale, the MAGA train is now going faster than ever. The former president promised the US will be a free nation once more.

One key element that many may not have noticed is that the former president wasn’t wearing his usual combo of blue suit and red tie.

He appeared in a much more relaxed fit, which doesn’t mean he wasn’t enthusiastic about his presidential run; he landed on the airfield while “Danger Zone” from Top Gun played on the speakers.

MAGA makes a miraculous return

Trump explained for years, he’d been a sponge for all the hatred the radical left has been directing at the conservative crowd.

Following the WACO rally, the former president spent the rest of the day posting on TruthSocial, criticizing Biden’s regime while also boasting with the huge crowd that gathered in Texas to support him.