Trump Hangs Up on Woke NPR Reporter on Live Television

President Trump has finally sat down with the government-funded news outlet NPR (News Public Radio) for an interview; however, the interview did not last long at all.

For close to six years, the left-leaning NPR tried to interview Trump. Then, when they finally got their chance to interview him, they blew it because Trump hung up on them!

Steve Inskeep of NPR started the interview off by playing a recording of Republican Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota.

This recording had Rounds stating, ‘the 2020 election was fair and when we tell voters there’s cheating going on, then we are pulling voters away from the polls.’

Inskeep followed up the recording clip by asking Trump if it’s an advantage to talk about election fraud.

To this end, Trump quickly replied, ‘it is an advantage because if we don’t address voter fraud, then Democrats will do the same thing in 2022 and 2024.

More Details on the Interview:

After the first couple of minutes, things started to heat up between Trump and Inskeep.

Inskeep repeatedly kept saying there was no election fraud. To this, Trump replied, ‘just look at what happened in Arizona’s election audit’ and what occurred with poll workers in Detriot.

Inskeep went on to ask Trump, ‘why aren’t the majority of Republican lawmakers standing up and talking about election fraud?’

Trump shot back quickly, saying it’s because Senator Mitch McConnell is a big loser. He then made a good point and said if Republicans rigged the elections as the Democrats did, then the Democrats would have fought harder than Republican lawmakers now.

The NPR reporter continued to ask Trump woke talking points, until Trump just ended the call by hanging up.

Inskeep then asked Trump another question, but got no reply back and proceeded to act as if he was surprised Trump hung up on him

NPR Previously Called the Constitution Racist

On July 4th, NPR, as they usually do, read the Declaration of Independence live on air.

Although this year, they went full woke and warned listeners they may hear racist content. NPR’s official Twitter account also posted the Declaration of Independence on Twitter, but it contained a warning that read, ‘this post contain’s racist content.’

NPR claimed the phrase ‘all men are created equal’ was racist, because women and slaves were not treated equally at the time. NPR also claimed the Founding Fathers were racists by calling Native Americans ‘savages’ in the Declaration of Independence.

It’s no surprise that NPR pegged Trump with biased questions while on air, but what is surprising is how the NPR reporter acted when Trump hung up.

He acted so shocked that someone would hang up on him after being disrespectful for nine straight minutes.