Trump Indicted by Florida Grand Jury

During the second half of 2022, federal agents raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, due to his possession of classified documents. The agents wound up taking several boxes from Mar-a-Lago and many questions were raised about what other legal action may follow.

This year, there was talk about Trump having classified documents and various other politicians who have been caught in possession of sensitive records. However, in recent weeks, rumors began to emerge that the former president’s holding of classified records could lead to his indictment.

Late Thursday, news broke that former President Trump was, in fact, indicted over this matter, as documented by Red State.

What to Know About the Latest Trump Indictment

In Florida, a federal grand jury opted to indict Trump on multiple counts, such as conspiracy to obstruct and making false statements. As a result of this indictment, Trump will have to go to court in Miami on Wednesday, June 13.

This latest indictment arrives as Trump already faced a previous indictment earlier this year from a New York grand jury. There are also subsequent court appearances for Trump pertaining to this particular case.

News of the Trump indictment spread quickly on social media, with the former president’s allies and critics alike reacting.

Trump Responds

Initially, Trump revealed on Truth Social that his attorneys were made aware he’d been indicted. The indictment was later publicly confirmed by the Department of Justice.

Further posting on Truth Social, Trump declared he’s innocent and never believed something like this could happen to him. The former president also made it clear that he and his legal team intend to fight the charges pertaining to his holding of classified records.

Time will determine how this second indictment of Trump impacts his campaign in the 2024 presidential election. Detractors of the former president have already started calling for him to drop out of the race.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.