Trump Makes Statement About CNN Host Chris Cuomo

President Trump has officially made a statement regarding CNN host Chris Cuomo’s most recent firing. Trump, at his Mar-a-Lago estate at a Christmas celebration, told the crowd of guests at Mar-a-Lago that CNN finally fired “Fredo” (Chris Cuomo’s nickname).

Trump went on to say both Chris and his older brother, former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, are bad people.

During Trump’s presidency, both Andrew and Chris took shots at President Trump every chance they got. During Chris Cuomo’s entire time at CNN, it’s believed the former news anchor did not report one positive action of Trump while he was serving as president.

Cuomo also gave a statement himself and said this wasn’t the way he planned to go out, but nevertheless, he wanted to put his brother’s needs first.

CNN is Tanking Quickly

Cuomo, in late August, hit his lowest ratings yet at 192,000, whereas close to the same time period, Tucker Carlson on Fox News was getting close to 2.1 million viewers.

It’s not just Cuomo, though. CNN’s lack of journalistic stories and propaganda pushing fake news caused the show to have fewer viewers than podcasts, such as the Joe Rogan Experience or Tim Pool’s podcast.

According to the official ratings reported by Newsweek, CNN primetime shows average close to 654,000 viewers, whereas Fox News averaged about 2.5 million viewers during the same time slot.

Corporate media is completely dying. The rare breed of good journalists is opting to start their own media companies, instead of getting paid to bush Big Pharma stories or the January 6th riot for the hundredth time.

Trump Took Down CNN

CNN’s lack of common sense and scandals took themselves out essentially; however, Trump opened up the eyes of millions of Americans to realize CNN was “fake news.”

Trump made the term “fake news” go mainstream and at most of his rallies, his supporters would yell “CNN sucks” or “fake news” whenever Trump mentioned CNN.

CNN, in return, would nitpick everything Trump said and did. This gave their network some decent ratings, due to the far left’s hatred towards Trump. However, after Trump left office, CNN tanked because Trump’s every move was keeping CNN afloat.

It’s unsure what the next step for CNN is and some believe a buy-out of the company will come soon. Granted, CNN does do some more world coverage than Fox News, due to the fact they have more resources on the ground across the world than Fox News.

However, when CNN does report world news, they tend to never report apolitically, but always with a bias that leans towards the left. CNN’s very existence is in question and now the face of their company is Brian Stelter, whose reporting skills are completely lackadaisical.