Trump Officially Endorses Dr. Oz For U.S. Senate Seat

In a statement released on Saturday, President Trump threw in his support for Dr. Oz, a significant endorsement in the very competitive Republican Senate race in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Oz, who broadcast The Dr. Oz Show on multiple radio stations since 2009, launched his bid to succeed retiring conservative Sen. Pat Toomey in the Senate last November.

Following his revelation, his show was canceled in January. He is trailing longtime CEO David McCormick in the polls, while recent surveys indicate the campaign is becoming more competitive.

“It’s all about getting elected in order to prevent the radical left lunatics from destroying our country,” says the former president.

“By voting for the intelligent and well-known Dr. Oz for Senate, Pennsylvania really does have a fantastic opportunity to Save America,” Trump wrote in a recent statement.

Trump’s Endorsement in Details

The president said, “Perhaps most crucially, I feel that Mehmet Oz would be the one most capable of winning this election against a radical liberal determined to do inconceivable devastation to our country.”

In places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, in which other candidates will simply not be accepted, he will do exceptionally well.

Dr. Oz has emphasized his opposition to COVID-19 limits and requirements in campaign appearances.

He stated in his campaign launch video that the United States “lost just so many people, too many businesses, and too many chances” as a result of “Washington getting it wrong.”

Following prior program segments on transgender problems, which were lauded by the LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD, Oz has come under fire from certain conservatives.

A doctor who supports hormonal therapy and gender change operations for youngsters was invited to speak at his 2013 event. Additionally, his personal ties to Beijing and large pharmaceutical corporations are being scrutinized.

McCormick, who was also a candidate for Trump’s endorsement, urged Oz to relinquish his dual citizenship with Turkey, claiming his purported ties to the country’s administration posed a national security threat to the United States.

Oz has stated if he wins the general election, he will follow through on his promise.

Prior to the election, Trump supported Commander Sean Parnell for the position.

Several claims of domestic abuse were leveled against Parnell throughout the course of his divorce and custody struggle, prompting him to shelve his campaign.

Is Dr. Oz a RINO?

Some Republicans believe Dr. Oz is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, due to the fact he has never spoken out against the Hollywood elite.

Dr. Oz has spoken in a way that if he loses the Senate race, then he would be openly accepted back in Hollywood.

Republicans have enough RINOs and hopefully, Dr. Oz doesn’t turn into one once he is elected into office. If he does, then it’s just one more vote for Democrats in the Senate.