Trump Officially Endorses Sarah Palin

In a statement released late Sunday night, President Trump backed Sarah Palin for Congress, calling her “strong and brilliant” and vowing that she would “never back down.”

Palin, a past contender for vice president, was previously sponsored by Trump for president.

“With the announcement that magnificent patriot Sarah Palin of Alaska will be running for Congress, it is certain that a real America First warrior will be on the ticket to fill the seat for the late and famous Congressman Don Young in the next election.”

“Sarah’s endorsement of me came very quickly in 2016, and we went on to win a major victory. My time has finally arrived!”

“Sarah has been a strong advocate for Alaskan values, Alaskan energy, Alaskan employment, and the wonderful people of Alaska, among other things,” a statement from Trump reads.

Trump said he supports Palin “wholeheartedly and completely,” and he urged Republicans to unify behind her.

Trump’s Endorsement

“In part, this was because she stood up to injustice in both state government and the dishonest media, and as a result, she became the most popular governor in the country.”

“However, she also had to deal with some really cruel, dumb, and envious individuals inside the McCain presidential campaign before she was able to pull the campaign out of the mud.”

“They were trying to get her, but she wasn’t going to allow it to happen to her! The fact that Sarah Palin is strong, clever, and will never back down, makes me pleased to offer her my complete and total endorsement.”

“I urge all Republicans to unify behind this outstanding lady and her quest to put America first,” according to Trump.

Former Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young died on March 18, prompting Palin to run in a special election to replace him. Over the course of over 50 years, he served in Congress.

Palin said she intends to “respect Rep. Young’s legacy” as she announced her candidacy for Congress on Friday morning.

In a statement, Palin said, “I recognize that I am stepping into very large shoes, and I intend to honor Rep. Young’s legacy.”

As reported by the Anchorage Daily News, the former vice presidential candidate will be joining an already crowded field of candidates competing for the position, with more than 55 individuals having already filed to run.

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In the primary election, the results will be released on June 26.

The candidates who get the greatest number of votes will progress to the extraordinary general election, which will take place on August 16.

With Trump’s endorsement, Palin is now the favorite to win the election run-off. It will be exciting to see Palin face Pelosi because as of now, no one in the House has put her in her place yet.