Trump Popularity Soars Among GOP Affiliates

The latest Marquette Law School Poll has revealed that former President Donald Trump is highly favored amongst the Republican Party and its leaning-independent voters.

The poll further uncovered sentiment towards influential figures, with a favorable outcome for Mr. Trump’s rating.

Trump’s Favorability Remains Strong

Republican favorability of President Trump remains strong, with an overwhelming majority expressing a favorable opinion. Just 2% said they were yet to form their own perspective on the president’s performance.

Mike Pence had the highest favorability among conservative governors, with 53 percent approving and 33 percent disapproving.

Despite appearing in several prominent news stories recently, Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Brian Kemp from Georgia were largely unfamiliar to respondents – a hefty 67% said they hadn’t heard enough about either politician to form an opinion yet.

Despite being almost evenly split over perceptions of Republican Governor Greg Abbott, it appears the majority have not formed an opinion on his opponent Dan Patrick.

With a favorable rating that stands at only 23%, Gov. Kemp has flown under the radar of many Texans who say they haven’t heard enough about him to form a conclusion.

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Republican governor, is one of the most recognizable state officials in America.

While 14 percent admit to not knowing enough about the Florida governor yet, 71% have already formed a favorable opinion and only 10% aren’t sold on his leadership style.

Improvement for Trump Who Trailed by 10%

The latest survey results present a close race between President Trump and challenger Joe Biden.

While the current numbers show even support, this represents an improvement for Trump. The former president ended up trailing Biden by ten percent in November of last year.

In total, six points have shifted from Biden to Trump since then – signaling a tightening of Republican supporters throughout this election season.

Since his official launch into the 2024 election race in November, a survey has revealed that a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are eager to see former President Donald Trump run again.

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is favored to be the GOP nominee in 2024 — edging out former President Donald Trump.

A recent survey was conducted in the US among 1,000 adults between January 9-20th of this year.

The Republican sample featured 382 respondents, with a margin of error for both surveys at +/- 3.8 percent and 6.1 percent respectively – setting up an intense prognosis ahead as opinions on politics differ amongst Americans today!

Recent surveys reveal a remarkable showing for President Trump as his favorability surges beyond that of other politicians, leaving him with double-digit leads in the hypothetical 2024 Republican primary field and even surpassing current President Biden in head to head matchups.

It could still be “Trump’s Party” without any sign of slowing down.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.