Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to Take Down Cartels?

"Donald Trump" by Matt Johnson

In his latest book, which releases next week on Tuesday, former Defense Secretary of the Trump administration Mark Esper offered some insight into Trump’s unresolved plans.

One of those was the “quiet” missile launches he proposed as a means of taking out Mexican drug cartels.

Esper claims this led him to believe the then-president was an “unprincipled person” and undeserving of his position of public service.

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Former defense secretary smears the ex-president

Esper was fully against the idea, recalling a discussion with Trump where he showed significant disapproval of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, claiming him not to be in control of his country.

Trump was, however, unwavered by his Defense Secretary, proposing they simply launch a couple of patriot missiles at the labs, hoping no one would know the US was behind it.

Esper claimed Trump said he would deny any accusations, should suspicion arise.

His book shows that Esper initially thought the president was joking until he saw his face, which led him to take action in stopping the attack.

It could have potentially provoked a retaliation strike from Mexico, that is, of course, if they were to figure out who was behind it.ย Currently, the former president has yet to respond to any of these allegations.

Esper does have a significant motive to smear Trump, given the fact he was fired in one of the then-president’s tweets, where POTUS declared him as “terminated.”

2020 BLM protests back in the spotlight

However, Esper’s accusations don’t end there.

They extend to the 2020 police brutality protests, when Trump supposedly demanded over 10,000 active-duty police officers be spread out on the streets of Washington D.C.

Esper names a handful of other officials from Trump’s administration who he considered to be “dangerous,” with Trump’s hardline immigration advisor, Stephen Miller, being one of them.

In the book, Esper claims Miller proposed 250k troops should be deployed along the southern border in order to deter a large caravan of migrants.

This proposal was shot down by Esper, who assured the US didn’t have that amount of military force on standby just to be deployed for such “nonsense.”

Among others he named was Mark Meadows, who apparently issued orders in the president’s name without any confirmation Trump was on board with them.

Esper even doubts the then-president was even aware of these commands.

In the book, he states he considered resigning from his position, but he felt he needed to maintain the balance of the White House and keep it free from negative influences of other prominent figures.

It’s clear the former president wasn’t perfect and had his fair share of gaffes.

However, Trump’s policies were aimed at helping the American people and maintaining the integrity of the US. Some of Esper’s claims regarding Trump might be a bit taken out of context.