Trump Releases Letter From US Attorney Exposing Bill Barr

In former President Trump’s CPAC speech in Dallas, Texas he stated that a US attorney from the state of Pennsylvania sent him a letter showing that Bill Barr told him not to investigate the 2020 presidential election results.

Well, yesterday (to show that he wasn’t just offering lip service) Trump released the letter to the public; this completely exposes Bill Barr’s lack of effort in investigating cases of election fraud in the state of Pennsylvania.

Newsmax reported that the letter was from former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania William McSwain. In the letter to Trump, attorney William McSwain started off with his talking about his record as an attorney for the state of Pennsylvania.

He stated that while the radical left US attorney from Philadelphia was letting criminals destroy the city by setting buildings on fire and looting, McSwain was putting the criminals in jail.

He then talked about how he prosecuted and won a 2020 case that involved a judge of elections in Philadelphia stuffing ballot boxes. McSwain then stated that he also charged a former Democrat congressman for bribing that same judge of elections to stuff the box.

So in all regards to election fraud cases, McSwain isn’t a novice when it comes to prosecuting those who obstruct the election process; moreover, McSwain’s record shows that what he has to say is worth listening to.

Attorney William McSwain Calls Out William Barr and Other Officials in the Letter

After stating his credentials, McSwain wrote about how the Governor and the one-sided state Supreme Court created their own rules on the days leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

He then shifted gears and called out the State Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, for saying that Trump wouldn’t win the election. The statement is profound, considering Shapiro was in charge of the enforcement of election laws in the state of Pennsylvania.

McSwain then moved on to expose former AG William “Bill” Barr; McSwain went on record saying that after he received various claims of election fraud, he asked Attorney General Barr to investigate the claims further.

Barr, however, reportedly told McSwain to keep quiet and not talk to the press about the claims. Then Barr told McSwain to report to the State Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the same one who declared Trump was going to lose the election…days before the election.

William McSwain Will Run for Governor

William McSwain ended his letter to Trump by declaring that he was going to run to be the Governor of Pennsylvania.

He noted that his opponent will more than likely be the Democrat State Attorney General Josh Shapiro (who previously declared Trump will lose the election). McSwain then started his first step as the Governor of Pennsylvania will be to modernize the election system so it’s not easy to cheat.