Trump Responds to Baseless Rumors Regarding His Former Cabinet Officials

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore

After some very angry Democrats started spreading rumors about former President Trump’s cabinet officials running for president in 2024, Trump assured no one from his administration would do such a thing.

He added the majority of those who worked alongside him during his first term in office actually promised they wouldn’t be a part of any political race he wasn’t a part of as well.

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore

Former officials from the Trump administration rumored to be running in the 2024 presidential race

When he was done dealing with the rumors, Trump confirmed he was the leading Republican candidate according to the majority of the polls being conducted.

This left Democrats a minimal amount of wiggle room, especially considering they were slated to lose the upcoming midterms as is.

When speaking on the topic of his former cabinet officials, Trump argued he would find the idea of former Vice President Mike Pence running for president extremely disappointing, setting a precedent for any of these officials planning a run in 2024.

However, even though he would consider such a move an act of disloyalty, Trump added he wouldn’t hold it against anyone who chose to do so, as he’s likely to win the majority of the Republican vote anyway.

A poll by Real Clear Politics awarded him a 33-point lead in the GOP primaries for 2024, whereas the latest Harvard/Harris poll found that he’s taking the lead with a 38-point advantage.

Mike Pompeo announces a potential presidential run

When Mike Pence was asked about the idea of running for office in 2024, he scrapped together an answer that left little to speculation; he claimed he won’t be supporting Trump during the incoming presidential election.

While he didn’t specify whether he’ll be running himself, Pence did say he’s got several other candidates in mind. One of them could possibly be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a favorite among Republicans who weren’t too stoked about Trump’s return.

As it stands though, DeSantis is showing no signs of interest in a presidential campaign and is currently running for reelection as Florida’s governor.

Another former Trump cabinet official who might be running in the presidential race is Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state; although he won’t be making the announcement until the start of 2024.

According to Pompeo, he and Trump stayed in touch over the past two years. He has got no idea whether Trump is actually planning on running in 2024, adding even if he does, it won’t have any effect on his decision.

While some Republicans believe that a younger candidate is the better option for the GOP right now, it remains to be seen whether or not Trump goes through with a 2024 presidential run.