Trump Says He’s Seen Hunter Biden’s Laptop and It Makes Al Capone Look Like A Baby

President Trump, in his latest press conference, declared that has seen the data on Hunter Biden’s laptop; Trump also said that the incriminating evidence on there makes Al Capone look like a baby.

According to The Daily Mail, Trump then went on record stating that it was the laptop that came from “hell” due to the pornographic and devilish pictures that were on it. Meanwhile, the mainstream media remains silent.

The laptop allegedly revealed Hunter’s shady business dealings within China and Ukraine. There are also allegedly extremely graphic photos with him and women whose ages looked fairly young.

New York Post Censored For Posting Leaked Emails From Hunter’s Laptop

Trump talking about Hunter’s laptop during his civil-action lawsuit was very suitable, considering Twitter also temporarily booted the New York Post off of Twitter for their story on how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessmen to his dad while he was vice president.

The New York Post’s story was deemed as a “fake story” by Twitter and taken off of the site hours after it was released. Many believe if the New York Post wasn’t one of the most banned news stories in the history of America, then Biden would’ve been even rejected by even his supporters.

The New York Post’s bombshell report revealed that almost a month before Joe Biden urged the Ukrainian government to oust their Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, Hunter allegedly introduced his father to an executive at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

The Bidens have denied the New York Post reports; Joe Biden even went on record saying he never talked to Hunter about his business dealings. According to leaked emails from Hunter’s laptop, that is a lie, considering several emails show that Joe Biden met up with Hunter’s business partners on several occasions.

At the time Hunter was receiving over 50,000 a month for being on the Burisma board. The bombshell part of the story is one of the Burisma executives was reportedly under investigation by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Joe Biden was vice president at the time and urged government officials within Ukraine to get rid of their prosecutor general or the U.S. wouldn’t release a billion dollars worth of aid to Ukraine.

Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was reportedly investigating a Burisma executive which led the Bidens to get involved. The government of Ukraine heeded Biden’s commands and nobody at Burisma ever faced any charges for corruption.

New Leaks From Hunter’s Laptop

In the latest set of leaked messages from Hunter Biden’s laptop, he complained that over half of his salary was being used to pay for his father’s AT&T cell phone bill and for new repairs on his father’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

So, it looks like Hunter wasn’t the only person that was benefiting from Ukraine, but Joe was too.