Trump Slams Afghanistan Withdrawal As Embarrassment Moment In U.S. Military History

President Trump slammed the Biden administration for their complete incompetence regarding withdrawing U.S. troops and vulnerable Afghan citizens. In his statement, he said the Afghanistan withdrawal by the Biden administration is one of the biggest embarrassments in the history of the United States military.

Trump Slams Afghanistan Withdrawal As Embarrassment Moment In U.S. Military History


The Hill reported that Trump went on to say he didn’t disagree about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan; what he did disagree with was the way the Biden administration executed their withdrawal plans.

Trump’s statement went on to read that his administration would never have withdrawn troops before they helped evacuate civilians and other Afghan allies who helped our soldiers with interpretation, intelligence details, and other duties.

The 45th president also blasted Biden for allowing the Taliban to capture billions of dollars of high grade weapons into their hands. Many suspect the Taliban will auction off these high grade weapons on the black market to other terror groups who are bound to come to Afghanistan, now the U.S. troops have been withdrawn.

The tongue lashing from Trump didn’t end there; he continued and stated that Biden surrendered to both to COVID-19 and the Taliban. Trump finished his statement by asking who Biden would raise the white flag to next; he then followed that by saying maybe someone should ask Biden after he comes out of hiding.

Details on Trump’s Original Plan to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

On February 29, 2020, the Trump administration struck a deal with the Taliban; this deal stated that the U.S was going to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May of 2021…only if the Taliban agreed to a ceasefire and to not collaborate with terror groups like Al Qaeda.

The Trump administration made it very clear to the Taliban if they decided to back out of their part of the deal, then the U.S. would send troops to their homes and cities. The strong rhetoric by the Trump administration kept the Taliban in check and cause them to not pull any quick moves while Trump was the commander in chief.

Biden Politicizing Afghanistan is What Led To All of This

Biden, however, decided to trample over the deal Trump arranged and withdraw the remaining 2,500 troops by September 11th 2021. It appears the Biden administration planned to politicize the withdrawal and hail themselves as the administration that ended the Afghanistan war.

As we all know now, their plans were shattered after the Taliban captured provincial cities all throughout Afghanistan before making their way into Kabul and capturing that too.

All Biden had to due was be honest with the American people and the people of Afghanistan; instead, a month ago, Biden declared it’s not inevitable that Afghanistan will be taken over by the Taliban. If Biden followed Trump’s withdrawal plan there would be no chaos at the Kabul airport, but rather all American citizens and Afghan allies would be safe and sound.