Trump Slams DHS for Labeling Conspiracy Theorists as Terrorists

The label “conspiracy theorists” gets placed on anyone who defies the corporate media’s talking points.

Time after time, the far-left throws around the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ as a way to discredit someone’s narrative that is different than theirs. Well, now a new report by the Department of Homeland Security is calling conspiracy theorists “terrorists.”

Trump wasn’t too fond of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Terrorism Advisory System issuing a warning that states people who create disinformation and misinformation are a threat to American citizens’ safety.

In a lengthy response, Trump slammed the Biden administration for screaming about conspiracies regarding election fraud, the greatest threat to the United States.

Trump would go on to state the DHS is refusing to acknowledge ballot harvesting that has occurred in swing states, duplicate votes, falsified votes, and more.

More on Trump’s Response

Trump would then focus his attention on the southern border; he blasted the Biden administration for targeting Americans, while thousands of undocumented immigrants flow through the border.

Previously, Trump called out the Biden administration for allowing thousands of undocumented Afghan refugees into the country without any proper screening procedure.

Before criticizing middle-aged men and women sharing articles on Facebook regarding election fraud and vaccines, maybe DHS should be focused on the real security crisis that is occurring in the United States.

DHS Has Gone Off the Deep End

Trump’s comments came in response to DHS sending a lengthy, two-page terrorist advisory letter that warned Americans of the threats of misinformation and disinformation.

The bulletin would state that COVID-19 misinformation and COVID-19 disinformation have caused several terroristic attacks throughout 2021.

The DHS didn’t call out the Pentagon for their misinformation during the Afghanistan debacle when they claimed they made a righteous airstrike when, in reality, they killed innocent civilians.

It appears government-run institutions have a hall pass when it comes to misinformation, but American citizens do not.

There was a time when the DHS had America’s best interest at heart, but now the DHS is targeting American citizens. The writing is already on the wall; anyone who disagrees with the corporate media or shares anything that doesn’t share the mainstream media’s “facts” will be deemed as a threat.

It appears Americans’ speech is being vilified because the US government is claiming misinformation is a threat against homeland security, but the big question is, who deciphers what is misinformation or not?

More than likely the decipher of truth will come through private organizations that are experts in “fact-checking” and hired through big tech companies like Facebook to label misinformation and disinformation.

As of now, we see COVID-19 misinformation warning labels on Facebook, but in the near future, Facebook posts will have labels of “terrorism.”