Trump Triggers Liberals and Performs Tomahawk Chop At World Series

President Trump was in Atlanta, Georgia to watch the Braves take on the Astros in game four of the World Series. Trump, along with his wife Melania, performed the famous tomahawk chop, along with other Atlanta fans who were in attendance.

The tomahawk chop gesture has lately triggered liberals and been deemed as an insensitive gesture towards Native Americans. The tomahawk chop consists of extending your arm and then bringing it down as if you were cutting something.

Liberals have been attempting to ban the tomahawk chop gesture because they believe it makes Native Americans into caricatures.

According to some Native American activists, the tomahawk chop and the braves current logo of an axe is dehumanizing.

However, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred defended the Atlanta Braves and stated the Braves have done a great job supporting Native Americans in Atlanta.

The Braves aren’t the only targets for woke social justice warriors who believe changing the names of sports teams will benefit society. Activists were successful in pressuring the Cleveland Indians to change their name to the Indian Guardians.

In the NFL, the Washington Redskins were also pressured to change their name and now their team is just called the Washington Football Team. How generic, right?

Trump Wasn’t the Only Notable Person at the Game

President Trump wasn’t the only notable person in the crowd; his good friend former NFL star Herschel Walker, who is a Georgia native, was also in attendance.

Walker is running for Georgia’s US Senate seat and attempting to knock Democrat Raphael Warnock from his US Senate seat.

Walker and Trump became friends after Walker was drafted to play for the New Jersey Generals, which was part of the now-defunct USFL. Trump bought the Generals after Walker was drafted; however, after setting multiple records for the USFL, the league soon went belly up and Walker went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Trump and Walker, however, kept a strong bond. During the 2020 election, he defended Trump and stated Trump is his best friend and far from being a racist, despite what liberals claim.

Does Walker Have a Chance?

Walker has a good chance of winning the Senate race in Georgia, due to the fact he’s a living legend there. He won both the Heisman and a national championship for the Georgia Bulldogs; in Georgia, that means a lot.

The former NFL star isn’t just an athlete, either; he has also given back to his community and for the last several years has been very active in grassroots projects.

A Herschel Walker win would break the tie in the Senate between Republicans and Democrats, unless a Republican loses their seat. With Trump’s endorsement and Walker’s legendary status, he will be impossible to stop.