Trump’s Response to the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

President Trump gave Kyle Rittenhouse a big congrats once the teen was found not guilty of murder after shooting two people dead in self-defense during a riot in Kenosha.

Trump released a statement saying, “Congrats to Kyle for being found innocent.” The 45th president continued and said, ‘if what Kyle did is not self-defense, then nothing is’.

Trump went on to say Rittenhouse’s trial was nothing more than a witch hunt orchestrated by the left. This isn’t the first time Trump has thrown in his support.

In August of 2020, Trump stated Rittenhouse was being chased and only fired fatal shots in self-defense. When Trump originally made these comments, the corporate media deemed Trump a defender of “white supremacists.”

Now, fast forward a year later, and Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a jury.

Biden and the Far Left are Angry Justice Prevailed

Biden, in a statement, announced he was angry and concerned about the verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. He then went on to say we have to abide by the ruling set in court.

Biden then warned his supporters to protest, but not destroy property while protesting, which is close to impossible for BLM and Antifa to do.

Kamala Harris also spoke out on the verdict and stated our justice system has a long way to go. Harris wasn’t the only one to speak out, either; a slew of far-left media analysts all made sure the world knew about their opinion on the shooting.

The Left’s Reaction Seems Like They Never Watched the Trial

Of course, as soon as the jury declared Kyle not guilty, the left went berserk. They ran to Twitter as fast as they could to claim America’s justice system is racist and benefits white supremacists.

Author Stephen King tweeted out it’s no surprise “the white guy gets free’. Former NFL quarterback and now woke activist, Colin Kaepernick, stated America’s justice system cannot be reformed because it’s built to protect white supremacists.

Jack Posobiec was able to screenshot all the hateful comments about Kyle being found not guilty.

The left is making this about race, but the two men who were shot dead by Kyle were both white. Joseph Rosenbaum, who was shot and killed by Kyle, was a registered sex offender.

Rosenbaum was found guilty of sexually abusing five boys in ways that shouldn’t even be talked about because they’re so terrible. The other rioter Kyle shot was Anthony Huber, who had a long arrest record of domestic abuse.

Both Huber and Rosenbaum chased and attempted to attack Kyle, but it’s no surprise the left protects a registered sex offender, rather than a 17-year-old conservative boy who was running for his life away from grown men.