Tucker Carlson’s Departure Causes Fox News Stock to Drop $1B!

After years of providing Americans with high-quality content, Tucker Carlson has unfortunately been fired by Fox News network, leaving thousands of his fans devastated.

However, Fox News may be taking an even bigger hit. Many are now claiming the network won’t last long without its most popular host, who was the centerpiece of the most-watched show on Fox News.

Fox News could be on course for disaster now that Tucker Carlson is gone

Former host from the network, Glenn Beck, believes Tucker’s departure could easily kill the conservative news network, leaving right-leaning media outlets without one of their strongest warriors.

Beck went on to praise Tucker for his work, with his most recent three-day series drawing in viewers from both sides of the political aisle.

Elon Musk’s appearance on the show skyrocketed the network’s rating even among Democrats and progressives; the sudden switch to a Fox without a host as capable as Carlson could spell disaster for the network.

As it turns out, the host was fired over a discrimination lawsuit against him filed by one of the former producers.

The network’s chairman Rupert Murdoch was directly involved in firing Carlson, claiming that he had his own concerns with the host over some of his claims regarding January 6th.

Carlson demanded nothing more than the truth

The former producer from Carlson’s show, Abby Grossberg, was the one to have filed two separate lawsuits against him, accusing him of sexism, harassment, and misogyny.

On top of that, Murdoch had his concerns about Carlson’s claims regarding the January 6th riots; he was adamant about claiming federal agents orchestrated the attack on the Capitol.

Despite all of this, Fox never gave a clear explanation on why their best host was fired so abruptly. It was later found out that it was a mutual agreement, leaving many wondering who would even let a man of Tucker’s caliber walk out the door without at least giving him a second chance.

His last appearance on the network was April 21st; the network will be placing an interim show with rotating hosts, instead of the one Tucker hosted.

That being said, it’ll be hard to fill the vacant space he left behind him. Many Fox viewers are bound to feel the impact of his departure almost immediately.