TV Commercial Shows Kids Asking Santa for Vaccines for Christmas

Santa Claus before was never used by politicians to push their agendas; however, this year, state officials in New Jersey have hijacked Santa from children.

You would think an overweight magical character who can miraculously eat millions of cookies and gallons of milk wouldn’t be a health expert.

Nevertheless, when that magical character is Santa, this all changes because children love him!

In a way to manipulate children to get vaccinated, the New Jersey Health Department released a new ad; this new ad uses Santa to persuade children to get vaccinated.

In the commercial, children tell Santa they don’t want toys for Christmas, but rather, they want to get vaccinated for Christmas.

More Details on the Bizarre Commercial

In the commercial, after the child concludes he wants a COVID-19 vaccine for Christmas, a narrator then says, “peace of mind is the best gift you can get this year; get vaccinated.”

At the beginning of November, the Pfizer vaccine was approved by the CDC for children 5 to 11 years old.

Many users on Twitter were disgusted with the new ad; they also let their opinions be known. One person wrote, “Santa should be off-limits.”

Others stated there’s no way a child will ask for a vaccine for Christmas, to which they’re totally right. A child usually hates shots when they go to the doctor’s office.

Therefore, there’s no way a child is actually going to put on their Christmas wishlist that they want a COVID-19 vaccine.

Many parents are now fearful their children will feel like they will go on the naughty list if they don’t get vaccinated. Other parents are turning their fear into advocacy and are protesting for the commercial to be taken off the air.

The Far Left is Brainwashing Children

In case you haven’t noticed, children’s programs have been completely hijacked by radical leftist ideology. The classic show Sesame Street, on several occasions, had their iconic character Big Bird talk to Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the importance of getting vaccinated.

Other TV shows on Disney and Nickelodeon have pushed woke agendas every single chance they get. Both networks have pushed transgender characters; they are also teaching children how to call people by their proper pronouns.

For instance, if a biological male declares themselves as non-binary, then these shows teach kids to call that biological male “they/them”.

In the age of children being raised in front of iPads and tablets, producers in the corporate media (who just so happen to have ties with children’s networks) know they can shape a child’s mind.

They can do this by lacing their children’s shows with blatant political and subliminal messages. It’s about time parents take away the tech and replace it with books.