Twitter Goes After Reporter Who Hands Biden Her Questions Before Asking Them

In typical Biden fashion, our president was caught red-handed once more, this time with a cheat sheet given to him by a reporter.

As silly as it sounds, Biden is actually getting his questions pre-written, probably to avoid some of the stuff that normally happens when he’s left to his own devices.

A new form of journalism

While similar things happened in the past, Biden’s never had the actual questions on hand. This may only go to show just how far gone our president is, seeing as he needs everything spelled out to him.

In fact, you’re not likely to run into anything similar ever again, not even if you took a deep dive into the history of politics.

That being said, you should probably prepare to hear some lame excuse for this blatant cheating on interviews and public appearances, especially since the press conference in question was with a foreign dignitary.

Even though that does imply all questions have to be screened before being presented to the head honcho himself, having him read them beforehand completely obsoletes his presence, as reporters could’ve just been given a sheet of answers instead.

No-name reporter shoots for the stars

What’s even more interesting is the reporter responsible for this fiasco has never been heard of, covering only minor stories in her area.

However, you’ll find that Courtney Subramanian works for the Los Angeles Times, which is probably the best example of those woke echo chambers you’ve been hearing about.

There are a few things interesting about Subramanian. She comes off as nothing more but the standard Biden fanatic, retweeting and supporting almost everything his senile self can come up with.

Unfortunately, the cheat sheet gave her a lot of publicity of the wrong kind. She’s found herself on the chopping block on Twitter, where everyone and their mothers decided to ridicule the reporter and her sad attempt at making Sleepy Joe look good.

Pre-submitting questions to our nation’s president and refusing to admit she’s doing so must mean she’s hiding at least something; it’s our right to know what.

At the end of the day, Biden needs to step up his game, instead of hoping everyone else will do the work for him; using cheat sheets won’t help him get there.