Twitter Suspends Rep. Banks for Misgendering Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Secretary

Republican Representative of Indiana Jim Banks has found himself suspended on Twitter; this suspension happened after he called Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levin, a man. Dr. Levine was born a biological male, but has since transitioned and now claims to be a woman.

The tweet which got Banks suspended was a comment he made in reference to a news outlet congratulating Rachel Levine as the first “woman” four-star admiral. Banks went on record, saying the title of the United States four-star officer got taken by a man, not a woman.

The tweet got Banks suspended immediately by Dorsey and his minions; now, it appears if you simply state biological facts, you will be silenced and accused of being hateful.

Banks previously tweeted that calling Levine (who lived as a man for 54 years) the first female four-star officer is an insult to little girls everywhere. Imagine what U.S. history books will be like in a few years where heroes like Lincoln and Washington are replaced with characters like Levine.

The United States is on a Decline

From supply chain issues, to being defeated by the Taliban, America has shown its vulnerability like never before. Instead of tackling issues and crises, the Biden administration would rather choose to appease the woke crowd.

One thing is clear: there are no four-star transgender admirals in China or Russia’s military and that’s for sure. There’s also no ideology that ultimately feminizes men and teaches them to hate themselves for their masculinity either.

The standard has been set if you speak out against a transgender person and call them by their biological pronoun, you are now conducting hateful behavior. It won’t be long before liberal lawmakers start jailing folks for misgendering people; as always, they’ll call people who are against their agenda transphobic or racist.

Dave Chapelle is Now Being Cancelled

Hundreds of Netflix employees are now protesting by walking out of their jobs after Dave Chapelle, a comedian, told several jokes about the transgender community.

At the end of his special, Chapelle questioned why it’s okay for transgender people to laugh at his jokes about the black community, but then not acceptable for him to talk about the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, transgender people are trying to get Dave’s special removed from Netflix at all costs. Sooner or later, if this trend continues, comedy will no longer exist.

The hypocrisy of the transgender community is beyond disbelief, considering they want to be seen as equal, but then turn around and say people can’t make jokes about them.

So now, representatives must use correct pronouns and comedians can’t tell trans jokes…so what’s next? Will we no longer get to identify our children at birth?