Tyrese Gibson Opens Up About His Faith, Condemns Hollywood for Trying to Normalize the Devil

Fast and Furious icon Tyrese Gibson is now warning Christians about the entertainment industry’s attempt to normalize Satanism.  

Gibson, 44, sat down to discuss his latest film Fast X with the host “Big Boy” on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”  

In the middle of an interview, Gibson opened up about his Christian faith and the discussing the increasing prominence of satanic influence over media, implying it’s part of an effort to condition viewers. 

The Devil is a Reoccurring Theme in Modern Film  

Gibson said despite the fact he is supposed to be marketing his new film and album, he cannot get away from just how disturbing the trend is within entertainment. 

The devil can be seen on the stage of award events (referencing the most recent Oscars) and in signals and icons throughout the media, Gibson told Big Boy. 

Gibson said he has become agitated with how much ground devil worship gained, saying Satanists are above and beyond in becoming mainstream, rather than just being secluded to a few fringe groups. 

Big Boy seemed to agree with Gibson regularly injecting “amen” after his commentary, even mentioning that demonic images are often present on digital devices or any other form of media. 

Pushing Back Means Getting Vocal as Christians 

Gibson then called upon Christians to be vigilant against the world and take their relationship with Christ seriously, invoking in everything, not just isolating him to private life.  

The 44-year-old actor said that Christians need to admit about who God is. He also believes that Christians should remember what he has done in the lives of those who are faithful. 

Finally, Gibson said that he is a person who has been overwhelmed by what God actually put on him throughout his life, despite messing up numerous times.

He knows grace is sufficient to sustain him.   

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.