U.S. Issues Its First Gender X Passport

The U.S. State Department has issued its first ever Gender X passport. The “X” on the passport stands for a person who is intersex and doesn’t identify as male or female.

The Gender “X” passport was given to Dana Zzyym, who is intersex and has been fighting to have an X passport for over six years. Many believe this will open a door for hundreds of passport with different gender identities to now be issued to Americans.

Way back in 2015, Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit on the behalf of Zzyym because he was denied a gender-neutral passport. Zzyym’s original birth certificate labeled him as a male, but later, when he got his driver’s license, he was labeled a female.

Now, Zzyym no longer identifies as either. “They” are general neutral and after five year of court battles, he finally has a X in his passport where it says “sex”. Most countries will more than likely not identify Zzyym as X because they don’t play silly political culture wars.

State Department’s Ruling Could Be Dangerous

No longer will applications ask if you’re male or female, but rather they will ask you if you’re male, female, or X. It might just seem like a small decision, but in reality, people in the future who identify as neither male nor female could state they can’t go to prison with males or females, but must have their own facility to house themselves.

Now, people who identify as intersex will decry they need their own bathrooms, changing rooms, and the list goes on and on. The decision will also outrage other members of the LGBTQ community.

These individuals will claim they’re not “X” intersex but rather, they are non-binary, pansexual, cisgender, and the list goes into the hundreds. So, passports in the U.S. will no longer have just M and F; soon, passports could feature practically every letter of the alphabet.

New York Already Made Gender Neutral Birth Certificates Legal

The state of New York created a law in 2018 which made it legal for adults to label themselves as “X” on their birth certificates. However, not just adults are getting the letter X on their birth certificates; newborn babies are too. New York and other liberal states have now given parents the right to put “X” on their child’s birth certificate.

As a result of all this, left-wing parents are no longer putting male or female on their child’s birth certificate. Instead, they are putting X on it because they believe their child should choose their own gender identity when they are ready.

The ideology is completely bizarre and goes against biology. This is not something the State Department should be normalizing or encouraging by any means whatsoever.