Ukraine Strikes HQ of Russian Black Sea Navy in Severe Blow to Putin

(Social media footage snapshot)

Ukraine has dealt a severe and humiliating blow to the war machine of Russia.

Nearly Six Months of Humiliation For Russia

As per the latest brief of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released on Saturday morning, the number of destroyed Russian military equipment units is nearing 11,500.

While the brave defenders of Ukraine performed well above expectations even in the first four months of the war, Ukrainians managed to gain the upper hand since early July when they started receiving missile artillery systems, known as HIMARS, from America.

At the same time, Ukraine boosted the activity of its special forces, spies, saboteurs, and guerrillas in Russian-controlled territories, in the Crimean Peninsula, and even all over Russia itself, thus causing major chaos in the already inconsistent Russian war effort.

(Social media footage snapshot)

‘Direct Hit’ at the Russian Navy HQ

A major new military blow was achieved by Ukrainians as they carried out a kamikaze drone strike on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The location is a couple of hundred miles away from the nearest Ukrainian-controlled piece of land.

The kamikaze drone strike caused a huge explosion and major damage to one of the main command centers of the entire Russian Navy, The Daily Mail reported.

The situation on the ground appeared to have been particularly grotesque as the Russian forces took to “frantically” shooting at the Ukrainian drone, but totally failed in their attempts to shoot it down.

The attack was confirmed by the governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, who claimed there have been no casualties.

He said the drone attack was a testimony to the “amazing tenacity” of the “Ukro-Reich morons.” This was a comment of propaganda from the Putin regime, which claims Ukrainians are “Nazis” to justify the completely unprovoked Russian invasion.

At the same time, there were explosions in Yevpatoriya, a sea resort north of Sevastopol, but it remains unclear as to what exactly caused them.

The new attacks by Ukraine exacerbated an exodus of Russian tourists and residents from the Crimean Peninsula to Russia proper.

The panicked escape causing traffic jams at the Putin bridge linking Crimea with Russia have been caught on social media to the amazement of users from around the world.

However, the fear of attacks on Crimea – a new development in the war this month – is palpable among tourists who are fleeing the peninsula. It is the newest in a series of mystery bursts, widely considered to be imposed by Ukrainian forces, fortified in the occupied peninsula.

Intelligence officials announced how the strikes disabled the invaders’ military powers, while also displaying Kyiv’s capacity to push devastation on Russian logistics.

It follows a huge blast at a Russian air base in Crimea last week. Western officials have now revealed the incident knocked out half of Russia’s Black Sea naval aviation force.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.