Uncle Jesse ‘John Stamos’ Speaks Out on Bob Saget’s Death

Bob Saget, most recognized for being America’s favorite dad on Full House, was just found dead at Orlando, Florida’s swanky and pricey Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said no foul play or drug use resulted in his death.

Bog Saget, who played “Danny Tanner” on the sitcom Full House, was 65 years old. He also was in Florida, doing his new stand-up comedy tour. The cause of death has yet to be determined; the medical examiner’s office is still performing an autopsy.

Saget’s family was shocked to hear about his death. They wrote in an official statement they were devastated from hearing the news and continued to explain Bob meant everything to them

Another fan favorite of the sitcom, Full House Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos, made a statement regarding his co-star’s death. Stamos said he was ‘completely gutted and in shock that his good friend Bobby passed away.

He ended his statement by saying ‘I love you, Bobby.’ Stamos and Saget worked together in 1987-1995 for Full House. Then, in 2016, they starred together in a reboot of Full House called Fuller House.

Other Stars From Full House Speaks Out

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, who played the role of Michelle, Saget’s on-screen daughter, released a statement saying, ‘Bob was a compassionate and loving man and sent their condolences to his family.

Dave Coulier, who played Saget’s best friend Joey Gladstone on Full House, went to Twitter to write, ‘I love you brother and I’ll never let you go’.

Stars from outside of the Full House realm sent their condolences to Saget’s family. Several notable comedians, such as Gilbert Gottfried, George Wallace, and Tim Dillon, all sent their condolences to Saget’s family.

When Saget Starred in Full House, It was a Different Time

When the theme song of Full House comes on, you can see Saget and his crew cruise all throughout San Fransico.

The scenery is so beautiful and reminds Americans of a time when the city of San Fransico was pleasant to be in. Just take a look back in time:

Now, fast forward to three decades of Democrat control; look at the city of San Francisco now:

There was a time when California wasn’t a tent city sanctuary and lawmakers actually did their job.

Regardless of what’s going on in San Fransico, the comedy world lost a legend today and for that, we should put politics aside at least for a brief moment.

Saget was loved on-screen and off-screen. He never turned fans down and didn’t exalt himself as a celebrity, but was a down-to-earth human being who brought many laughs into the world.

Yet, for right now, he is bringing many people tears. RIP Bob Saget.