US Army’s First ‘Trans’ Officer Indicted as Russian Spy With ‘Wife’

(Transgenderist Russia lover US Army Major Jamie Lee Henry.)

In shocking revelations, one of the transgender “pioneers” in the United States – the first “transgender” officer in the US Army – has been exposed.

This person was indicted as a wannabe Russian spy, seeking to give US military medical data to Putin, together with his female wife.

Seeking to Bestow Delta Force’s Medical Files to Putin

As Russia’s atrocious dictator, Vladimir Putin, and his stooges have been causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people amid invading Ukraine, the “trans” Army major and his wife decided it would be nice to present Putin with medical records.

These medical records were of the 52,000 US active duty soldiers based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

39-year-old Jamie Lee Henry, a male who claims to be a female, and his female wife, Anna Gabrielan, a doctor from Johns Hopkins University, tried to supply the medical records to an FBI operative posing as a Russian spy.

They have now been indicted for plotting to use their security clearance to snatch the Fort Bragg medical records, The Daily Mail reported. The US military unit based at Fort Bragg includes the Special Operations Forces and the Delta Force of the US Army.

According to the US Justice Department, the transgender soldier’s female wife, Anna Gabrielian, was motivated by “Russian patriotism.”

She accused Henry of being a “coward” unless he cooperated with her and the Russians, urging him to ignore any “ethical issues” in becoming a Russian spy.

The transgender couple who resides in Rockville, Maryland met with the undercover agent of the FBI, believing him to be a Russian embassy official.

(Russia lover Dr. Anna Gabrielian)

Ardent Love for Russia, But They Don’t Take Transgenders

According to the court documents unsealed on Thursday, the transgender major in the US Army told the fake Russian spy she would do what she could to help Russia, up until the US government “actually declares war” on Moscow.

At that point, Henry was accused by his Putinist wife of being a coward for feeling afraid to violate HIPPA (the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”).

On August 17, Gabrielian, who teaches anesthesiology and critical care, told the fake Russian spy her “patriotism toward Russia” meant she would be helping Moscow, no matter what, even if she ended up getting fired or imprisoned.

According to her Johns Hopkins University profile, she speaks Russian. She graduated in 2012 from the medical school of the University of Pittsburgh.

The ardent Russian patriot married future transgender star Henry in 2015; the same year, he became “the first openly” trans US Army officer.

To top it all off, Gabrielian told the undercover FBI agent her male-to-female husband could access not just the medical files of Fort Bragg, but also could provide information on how the United States was training its military to give aid to Ukraine.

The indictment shows the transgender major was widely celebrated by Marxist-Communists and woke lefties throughout the United States.

He was heralded as some kind of a pioneer, before revealing to the fake Russian spy he tried to join Putin’s military in order to fight against Ukraine.

However, he was rejected for having no combat experience; although the real reason could be his transgenderism, considering how Putin’s Russia deals with transgenders.

Besides that, Henry spewed out a bunch of lies about America “using Ukraine” to fight as a “proxy” because of the American “hatred toward Russia.”

The vicious transgender Russian spy couple began handing over military medical records to the undercover FBI agent at a second meeting, which was held in a hotel on August 31 in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.