US Intelligence Officials Stunned After China Launches Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile Into Space

US intelligence officials are completely shocked after China reportedly conducted nuclear-capable hypersonic missile tests in August. The nuclear missiles were able to completely circle the entire globe.

They were also able to get within a mile of the initial target. US officials are beyond belief, due to the fact China’s military’s space program has grown exponentially.

While US generals are posting pictures of their toes on Twitter (and as the Pentagon is advocating for critical race theory to be taught to all military members), China is launching nuclear missiles in space.

China isn’t the only nation looking to take advantage of hypersonic missiles; both the United States and Russia are trying to perfect their hypersonic missiles.

The Pentagon: Hypersonic Weapons are Too Expensive

The Pentagon announced five days earlier that hypersonic weapons are too expensive. The  Pentagon’s Secretary of Defense and Engineering told the press they need to figure out how to create more affordable hypersonic missiles.

So, while the U.S. is giving press releases about how hypersonic missiles are unaffordable, China is launching hypersonic nuclear missiles in space.

Hypersonic missiles are nothing to disregard, due to the fact they travel 5x faster than the speed of sound. They are also able to evade missile defense systems.

Trump Proven Right All Along

When Trump added the Space Force as an official branch of the military, the far-left was quick to mock him. Several political commentators acted as if Trump was being childish and acting out a science fiction dream. Now, the left can’t even deny the fact Trump was right all along.

In 2019, Trump officially made the United States Space Force a branch of the U.S. military; he also dedicated an allocated amount to start funding military operations in space.

When Biden came into office, he stripped most of Trump’s policies, but as of yet, he still hasn’t touched the Space Force. It appears Biden even knows the importance of the U.S. being able to win a war from space.

However, Biden has yet to even mention anything about the Space Force. This is resulting in China being leaps and bounds ahead of the United States regarding the war in space.

The US doesn’t just need to be concerned with China’s nuclear hypersonic missiles. We also need to pay attention to their satellites in space. They have the capabilities to launch missiles and destroy other satellites.

Russia likewise has satellites in space that can launch missiles; one of their satellites has the capability to latch onto other satellites and deprogram them.

This ultimately means both Russia and China can steal communication signals or cut off internet signals at any moment they choose to do so. Trump is right. The next big war won’t be won on the ground. Wins and losses will come from space.