Judge Approves Child Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s Request to Get Booster Vaccine in Prison

U.S. Federal Judge Alison Nathan just approved convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell’s request to receive a booster shot while in prison.

Maxwell’s counsel requested Judge Nathan to allow her to receive a booster shot while she is awaiting sentencing for being convicted of child sex trafficking and other charges.

Judge Nathan approved Maxwell’s request. She stated booster shots are readily available at MDC (Metropolitan Detention Center) in Brooklyn, where Maxwell is currently behind bars.

Many users on Twitter believe Maxwell is about to mysteriously die in her prison cell after taking the booster shot. Her partner in crime, convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, was found dead in his cell before trial.

He reportedly hanged himself; although, the majority of Americans believe he was taken out.

Maxwell Convicted on Five of Six Charges

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on five charges, which included child sex trafficking, transporting a minor with the intent to make that minor engage in sexual activity, and three other counts of conspiracy.

Maxwell would “groom” young girls for Jeffery Epstein, who would sexually abuse the young girls.

However, Maxwell was found not guilty on one charge of enticing a minor to participate in sexual activities. Maxwell’s trial lasted for a month; it also included several key testimonies from the victims of Epstein and Maxwell.

It took jurors a total of five days to come up with a decision; now, Maxwell is awaiting sentencing.

It’s expected Maxwell will face a total of 65 years behind bars, but if she takes the booster shot and mysteriously ends up dead, she might not even make it to trial. Due to the recent omicron outbreak, a sentencing date has not yet been made for Maxwell.

Judge Drops Charges Against Epstein’s Prison Guards

Two prison guards who admitted to falsifying Jeffery Epstein’s prison records the night he was found dead just had their charges dropped by a New York judge.

Prison guards Michael Thomas and Tova Noel caught a break after federal prosecutors offered the guards dropped charges in exchange for them following an undisclosed list of rules.

Thomas and Noel were on guard duty the night when Epstein “killed” himself. The guards were supposed to check on Epstein every 30 minutes, but according to police reports, the guards were shopping online and sleeping instead.

Many people currently believe the guards were paid off to turn their backs on Epstein’s death; now, that theory has rekindled after both guards who were watching Epstein had their charges dropped.

Hopefully, the guards on watch for Maxwell are more alert because if Maxwell ends up being taken out, then the likelihood of finding out which elites of American and British society were under Epstein’s control dwindle tremendously.