US-Led NATO Alliance Expands with Key Nations in Huge Blow to Putin’s Russia

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A summit meeting of the US-led NATO mutual defense alliance dealt a major blow to the aggressive dictatorship of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

NATO is officially proceeding with admitting key European nations Finland and Sweden as Moscow has been fighting an unsuccessful, terribly barbaric war to conquer Ukraine.

Putin’s Push to Conquer Europe Backfires Big Time

Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine scared some of Russia’s European neighbors, in particular, Finland and Sweden. These western nations remained technically neutral during the entire Cold War.

At Wednesday’s summit in Spain’s capital Madrid of the NATO alliance, which served to prevent Moscow from conquering the world since its founding in 1949, Finland and Sweden were officially invited to become the 31st and 32nd member states.

The admission of the two Nordic nations is going to provide Russia with another 800 miles of land border with the US-led alliance.

Here, an attack against one member is considered an attack against all; it is also going to cut off Moscow’s avenues for attacks against the West through the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

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Overcoming the Turkish Veto After Massive US Pressure

NATO’s invitation, which came after Finland and Sweden officially asked for it last month, became possible on Wednesday.

Long-time US ally and NATO member Turkey agreed to lift its veto on their accession, following tense negotiations and high-level American pressure, The Daily Mail reported.

Turkey, which has become increasingly dictatorial under its Islamist leader Recep Erdogan, objected to the membership of the two Nordic nations over various demands.

These demands involved their harboring of ethnic Kurdish figures from Turkey’s own Kurdish minority, which the Turkish government considers terrorists.

After concessions on several counts by Finland and Sweden, however, Turkey raised its objections, allowing the NATO alliance to deal Russia a tremendous diplomatic and security blow.

One of the fake, main propaganda rationales for the Russian invasion of Ukraine was Moscow’s worry over the prospects of the Ukrainians joining NATO and becoming official American allies.

The admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO, which is yet to be formalized, is going to become the most important expansion of the US-led pact since admission of several former Moscow satellites in Eastern Europe back in 2005.

President Joe Biden, who earlier made some bad jokes when welcomed by the Spanish King ahead of the NATO summit, declared Russian tyrant Putin is “getting exactly” the thing “he didn’t want,” namely, the “NATO-zation of Europe.”

Besides pushing for Finland and Sweden’s admission to NATO, the Biden administration is also boosting US forces in Europe in a warning to Moscow.

That includes the sending of two more squadrons of F-35 fighter jets to the UK, plus two naval destroyers to Spain, another 5,000 troops to Romania, a new US military headquarters in Poland, and more aid defense systems in Germany and Italy.