US Special Forces Reportedly Kill ISIS Leader in Syria

According to a breaking report by NBC News, United States forces conducted a covert operation in Northern Syria that killed a top leader of ISIS; unfortunately, six children were also killed in the raid.

The operation took place in the dead of the night and special forces were able to kill Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi-Qurayshi.

Joe Biden, in a brief statement, touted that under his command, forces “successfully” conducted a counterterrorism operation that led to the killing of a top ISIS commander.

The president, however, refused to mention a total of 13 civilians were killed, six of whom were children.

A Pentagon spokesperson likewise called the raid a success. Yet, in what world are they living in where a situation where six children are slaughtered is deemed as a success?

More on the Raid by US Special Forces

The raid took place at a house in the province of Idlib in Syria.

Statements from several neighbors of the ISIS leader noted there were body parts all over the place. Neighbors also witnessed a helicopter land near the ISIS leader’s compound.

Then, soon after, heavy gunfire occurred. The United States military reportedly warned women and children to exit the building before the gunfire occurred.

More details are supposed to be coming out as the days go by, but we are sure to hear from Trump, regarding the attack.

It’s Hard To Believe the Biden Administration or the Pentagon

At this point in time, the Pentagon and the Biden administration have not proven themselves to be trustworthy sources.

Before Afghanistan fell into the hands of the Taliban, Biden went on national television and stated a Taliban takeover was not imminent.

He even planned to push the withdrawal date back to September 11th to make it seem as if he ended the Afghanistan war; however, Biden’s plan failed miserably and troops were withdrawn before then, due to the Taliban seizing control over the country.

After 13 US troops were killed, two suicide bombers detonated themselves outside of the Kabul airport. Then, less than 24 hours later, Biden and the DoD touted that they killed a member of ISIS-K involved in the attacks at the Kabul airport.

Gen. Mark Milley, who previously supported critical race theory, also stated the US military launched an airstrike and it was a righteous kill. However, it wasn’t a righteous kill and they didn’t kill a member of ISIS-K, but rather they slaughtered an NGO worker, several children, and other civilians.

Biden, who literally stumbles and makes incoherent sentences on live TV, is okaying airstrikes in areas he knows nothing about. This won’t be the last time we hear about this raid because there’s sure to be more intel released in the coming weeks.