NYC Mayor Eric Adams Caught Calling White Police Officers “Crackers”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has just offered his apologies after using a racial slur to describe white police officers.

The newly elected mayor of New York City in a 2019 video was quoted saying, ‘Almost every day as a police officer, I kicked crackers’ a–es.’

The video was taken in 2019 in front of a Harlem Business Alliance meeting. When Adams called the white officers crackers, several members of the audience applauded and nodded their heads.

Besides calling white officers crackers, Adams bragged on himself and touted his accomplishments as an officer who rose through the ranks. Adams made the comments just shortly before he announced he was running for the mayor of NYC.

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In Adams’s apology, he, of course, gave an excuse and said he used the word ‘cracker’ because he was asked a question that used the slur.

After creating an excuse, the mayor would go on to say he shouldn’t have used the slur and apologize to his fellow New Yorkers.

Many white officers are offended by the video and feel they were attacked by the mayor. However, the president of the PBA, Pat Lynch, stated he wouldn’t hold three-year-old comments against Mayor Adams.

Here’s Lynch giving a powerful speech after a New York City police officer was killed in the line of duty:

The speech was full of raw emotion.

You can really tell Lynch’s best interest is for an NYC police officer, but what is strange is Lynch didn’t look at the man who is responsible for crimes committed in NYC, and that’s Mayor Eric Adams.

It appears, once again, Lynch will not look Mayor Adams in the eyes for calling white police officers ‘crackers.’

The Double Standard is Obvious

The double standard for Democrat politicians and celebrities is quite obvious.

If the mayor of New York City was a Republican and he used a racial slur, the mainstream media and Hollywood would be calling for his resignation immediately. Adams, however, isn’t facing backlash at all. Nonetheless, amongst NYC police officers, Adams has caused division.

Another liberal, earlier in the week, got off pretty easy after making racial comments, too. TV host of The View, Whoopie Goldberg, while talking about the book Maus, said that the Holocaust was not about race.

Goldberg was refuted by one of her co-hosts who said it was about white supremacists targeting Jews. However, Whoopi shot back, saying they are two groups of white people and therefore, how can it be about race?

Later, Goldberg was suspended by ABC Network for only two weeks. Meanwhile, other people on ABC Network, such as Rosanne Barr, were fired permanently for late night tweets that went too far.