Video EXPOSES FDA Official Saying African-Americans Should be Blow Darted with COVID-19 Vaccine

Project Veritas was founded by journalist James O’Keefe. It has exposed CNN, Facebook, politicians, and an abundance of other high profile faces of organizations that back the Democrat Party.

In Project Veritas’ latest video drop, the FDA got completely exposed. This video let the whole world know what the people inside of the FDA are really thinking.

Video EXPOSES FDA Official Saying African-Americans Should be Blow Darted with COVID-19 Vaccine

In the video, an undercover journalist for Project Veritas asked a FDA official what the FDA should do regarding the low vaccination rates among African-Americans who are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccine. Immediately, the FDA official responded, [the FDA] needs to “blow dart” them.

As awful as that sounds, that wasn’t the only comment FDA official Taylor Lee was caught saying to an undercover Project Veritas journalist. He was also caught saying all unvaccinated people should be gathered up in Texas and not allowed to leave the state until the pandemic is over.

FDA Official Said There Needs to be a Registry Like Nazi Germany

The FDA official also made light of the Holocaust. He said the FDA should enact a system where unvaccinated people are registered just like Jewish people in Germany had to wear the Yellow Star of David under Hitler’s reign.

One of the most concerning parts of the video is when Lee said he was going to stab people with the vaccine and tell them it’s just a vitamin C shot. Lee then followed that thought up by saying drones should blow dart people with COVID-19 vaccines.

You can watch the video here:

Whistleblower Exposes COVID-19 Vaccine

Just days before Project Veritas released the secret recording of the FDA official, they received a secret recording from a federal government worker who turned a whistleblower.

The federal government worker was Jodi O’Malley, who works as a registered nurse at the Indian Health Services hospital. O’Malley secretly recorded a doctor within the hospital she was working at, stating one of her patients got Myocarditis because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The doctor recorded in the video was Dr. Maria Gonzales of DHHS. She went on to say in the video that the federal government is not recording the data on the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. Instead, the government is keeping it under the mat.

While the FDA was busy getting exposed, they decided to approved booster shots for everyone that is at “risk” and over the age of 65.

The only problem is the FDA got to decide who’s at risk or not. As a result of this, so many older people (especially who are in nursing homes) will more than likely get a third jab without even being able to have a say in it.

This is absolutely and completely inexcusable.