Video Shows American Citizens Stuck Outside of Kabul Airport

A video that has caught the eyes of many on social media shows an American citizen stuck outside of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. The video begins with an unidentified American citizen pointing the camera at their American passport.

At one point of the video, the American citizen held his camera up and showed that there was a soldier on duty; that same soldier eventually pointed his finger in another direction as a sign for the American citizen to go somewhere else.

Video Shows American Citizens Stuck Outside of Kabul Airport

The video is a stark difference to what the Biden administration is trying to sell the American people. You would think the way Biden is praising his evacuation plan that U.S. citizens would be given an escort. Yet, as we see in the video, they instead have to wait outside of the Kabul airport, just like everybody else.

Biden’s Latest Press Conference Regarding Afghanistan was a Disaster

In Biden’s most recent press conference, he started off by praising House Democrats for passing a $3.5 trillion spending bill; meanwhile, Biden spent a miniscule amount of time talking about Afghanistan.

ABC News reported that in Biden’s speech, he declared the United States will not extend their August 31st troop withdrawal deadline. He also left the press conference without answering a single question.

Biden even had the audacity to turn his back on supporters when they asked if he had a plan to withdraw U.S. citizens from Afghanistan. Biden’s decision comes just a day after CIA Director William Burns secretly met up with senior Taliban leaders in Kabul.

After the two had the meeting, the Taliban in a news interview declared that no more Afghans will be allowed to evacuate, but only American citizens will be allowed entrance to the airport. So, it appears the Taliban is in full control over the Biden administration when it comes to Afghanistan.

U.S. Officials Have No Clue How Many American Citizens are Trapped in Afghanistan

As of right now, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has no clue how many Americans are stranded in Afghanistan; however, he believes the number can be anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000.

There has been close to 2,500 Americans in total who have been evacuated so far; yet, it appears the rest are at risk of being stranded, due to the fact Biden decided not to extend his troop withdrawal past August 31st.

Many Republican lawmakers, such as Senator Ted Cruz, are livid at the fact Biden is leaving American citizens behind in Afghanistan without any protection from U.S. troops.

Trump has even chimed in and stated that Biden should’ve first withdrawn all American citizens and then proceeded to withdraw troops. Of course, Biden decided to do the exact opposite and withdraw troops first, then U.S. citizens.