Video Shows Biden Completely Frozen During CNN Townhall

Biden’s town hall meeting on Thursday with CNN showcased the fact he appears to have severe cognitive decline issues. During Biden’s town hall, longtime CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Biden a long winded question about inflation.

However, while Cooper was asking the question, Biden was in a completely frozen stance.

Biden looked as if he was stuck or on pause; it lasted for an entire 20 seconds. For 20 whole seconds, Biden held out his hands stiffly with both of his fists clinched.

He was finally able to break out of his frozen state, but the awkward moment has many people wondering if Biden will finally get a cognitive test.

The answer is this: more than likely, he won’t get a test until the end of the year. Even when Biden does get a cognitive test, his results will be held as a top secret.

That Wasn’t the Only Time Biden Had a Mishap

Biden, on several occasions, forgot what he was going to say. Anderson Cooper had to help fill Biden in. At one point, Biden even used the “white power” symbol.

In his defense, Biden was more than likely just using the “OK” symbol; however, according to the left’s ideology, it’s the “white power” symbol. The left was silent about the hand gesture because it appears the left only claims the “OK” symbol is a “white power” symbol when conservatives use it.

The New York Post reported when Biden was asked why he hasn’t gone to the southern border yet, his answer was because he didn’t have time. He’s had time to spent over 70 vacation days in his home state of Delaware, though.

It’s also been revealed the Department of Homeland Security spent close to $500,000 for barriers around Biden’s home, but not a cent for border reconstruction.

Biden later followed up his border statement by saying he was a senator for over 370 years. In response, the crowd laughed as if it was a joke, but many believe it was a blunder, not a joke.

Kamala Harris Had Some Problems on Stage Recently Too

During her most recent speaking event in the Bronx, New York, Kamala Harris started flinging her arms as if she were a chicken during the middle of her speech. This didn’t happen once or twice; it occurred during the entire duration of her speech.

Some body language experts believe Kamala was telling lies during the speech; other medical experts chimed in and claimed she was experiencing side effects of prescription medication.

Watch the moment she does it in the video down below:

Harris’ speech mostly consisted of her flapping her arms and trying to convince people Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure plan is the way out of all of America’s problems. In reality, this agenda just adds to America’s problems.