Video Shows Biden Using Fake White House Set

Biden, once again, used a fake White House set during a video speech.

A close up picture of Biden has gone viral on Twitter, due to the fact that in the background of the picture, users on Twitter noticed a bunch of shipping containers could be seen out the window behind Biden.

Biden was giving a speech about the United States’ current supply chain crisis, but instead of dialing in on Biden’s speech, users were more interested that Biden once again used a fake White House set to give a speech.

Look at the fake set here:

Did you see the shipping containers to the right of Biden’s shoulders? You should have because it’s quite clear.

It’s extremely ironic that shipping containers are being shown through the windows when he’s giving a speech about how the United States’ supply chain crisis is under “control.”

Just in case you may think this picture is edited or a deep fake, check out the video right here:

Biden Uses A Fake White House Set Yet Again

While Biden was taking phone calls from NORAD officials on Santa Clauses’ location, many users noticed the background of the window was fake.

Biden appeared as if he was in the White House; however, the window behind him showed he was yet again on another fake White House set.

Take a look:

To make things worse, he even stated “Let’s go Brandon,” which raised more concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities and mental health

This is Not the First Time

Biden has been using fake White House backgrounds for some time now. Biden first used it when he was taking his COVID-19 booster on live television. Many viewers noticed a leaf outside of Biden’s window was not moving.

That wasn’t the only sign, but the entire background of the window just looks like a fake painting.

Just look:

After the video was taken of Biden getting his booster shot, a photo of the fake set was posted on Twitter.

It’s almost as if everything the Biden administration does is fake.

If Biden faked the background, it’s very possible he faked the booster shot, too. During the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden administration claimed the Taliban would not take over, but look what happened.

The Biden administration’s trust is at an all time low, because everything Biden has promised not to do is something he ends up doing anyway.

At the beginning of his campaign, Biden stated he would not issue a COVID vaccine mandate, but then, just a few months into his presidency, he broke the promise.

If Biden can attempt to deceive Americans about him being in the White House, how much more is he hiding behind the scenes?