Violent Pro-Trans Rioters Invade Tennessee Capitol with Gun Control Demands

The impudence of the left is reaching unprecedented heights – or, rather, lows – as a group of rioters stormed the Tennessee Capitol in Nashville. They did this with gun control demands after one of their own committed the sickening Nashville school massacre last week.

It’s an Insurrection

Over 1,000 invaders stormed the Tennessee Capitol at the end of last week, violently demanding restrictions on Americans’ Second Amendment rights, according to Reuters.

The invasion of the Tennessee capital also followed a pro-trans riot at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky a day earlier, The Western Journal reported.

Social media videos showed how aggressive protesters “pushed and shoved” Tennessee Highway Patrol cops who were called up to clear some space so the state lawmakers could pass.

Social media users called the attack on the Tennessee Capitol a “transurection,” while others compared it to the J6 events at the US Capitol calling it “tranuary 6”.

The invasion of the State Capitol in Nashville disrupted the work of the two chambers of Tennessee’s legislature.

Democratic Legislators Collaborating with Rioters

While pro-trans crazies were shouting that state legislators had “blood on” their hands, state Rep. Bob Freeman, a Democrat, declared Tennessee should adopt gun control measures immediately.

Apparently referring to the aggressive transgenderists, he declared that residents were “begging for us” to adopt gun control, as cited by The Tennessean.

The legislative session ended up descending into complete chaos, with Democratic lawmakers joining the bellicose protesters “whipping the crowd” into a “frenzy.”

One of them, state Rep. Justin Pearson, took out a megaphone and started chanting together with the demonstrators on the House floor, reported WPLN-FM.

The riot at the Tennessee Capitol was organized by a local leftist nonprofit called WAKE, which claims to seek to improve the situation of women and children – apparently by promoting transgenderism and lawlessness.

The rioters eventually vacated the Capitol building in Nashville around noon, that is, four hours after the invasion began.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.