Voters Want George Santos Gone as His List of Lies Grows Longer

Newly-inaugurated Republican Rep. George Santos has been exposed in recent weeks for telling multiple lies about his education, career, sexuality, health, and family background, among others.

A new poll shows the majority of voters in his district want him out of Congress.

Most Conservatives Demand His Resignation

George Anthony Devolder Santos, who has used many different names, as it turns out, won the 2022 House election in New York’s 3rd congressional district, which includes parts of Queens and Long Island. 

A total of 59% of all registered voters in the state are demanding that Santos quit his new post. As per the poll, 54% of the polled voters who identify as conservative would like to see Santos resign, BolaVIP reported.

A comprehensive list of the newly-inaugurated representative’s lies may be impossible to compile. Santos has been denying those or claiming he only embellished his resume a little.

Thus, it appears everything Santos told voters and the American public about his education has been a long string of lies.

He claimed to have studied at the Horace Mann high school, an elite institution in the Bronx, before dropping out because the tuition was too costly – except the school has no record of him ever attending it.

Santos also lied that he graduated from Baruch College and was even a star on the school’s volleyball team. He also claimed he spent some time at New York University. However, neither of those higher-education institutions found any evidence he was ever enrolled.

Santos’ Lies Go from Mundane to Exotic

The confirmed liar’s professional resume is no less packed full of falsehoods. For example, he lied repeatedly that he worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, which both corporations have exposed as false.

After that, Santos “clarified” he worked for companies that worked with Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, except even those claims appear to be very far-fetched at best.

The sexuality of Brazilian-American Santos has been no less tangled in a web of lies. He presented himself to the public as a gay man who has a male partner. However, his partner’s name was never revealed and he never appeared with him publicly.

What is more, 34-year-old Santos was found to have had a female wife whom he divorced in 2019. To top it all off, photos and videos have emerged of Santos dress as a drag queen in his native Brazil.

Even though it has been established that Santos comes from a Catholic family from Brazil, he has claimed to be Jewish and the descendant of Ukrainian Jews, with grandparents who survived the Holocaust in World War II-Europe.

No records of his Jewish ancestry have been discovered.

Santos has also been playing the victim in claiming to have suffered from various health conditions – including brain cancer, acute chronic bronchitis, and immunodeficiency.

Some more exotic of Santos’ lies include his claims that his mother was in the World Trade Center’s South Tower during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and died because of their consequences.

Santos has finally been found to have embezzled some $3,000 in charity campaign money to treat a homeless US military veteran’s cancer-stricken dog.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.