Washington Post Buying Traffic for Their January 6th “Insurrection” Posts

The Washington Post tends to lean to the left in every news article they release; however, they must be having trouble getting traffic to their propaganda lately.

A “promoted” tweet by the Washington Post was seen on many conservatives’ Twitter timelines in recent weeks. Most of the content being promoted was about January 6th.

Political analyst and director Mike Cernovich was one of the first users on Twitter to spot the promoted content. Cernovich screenshotted WaPo’s promoted post.

Then, he commented the events that occurred on J6 are no longer interesting in the eyes of the public and he’s right, too. CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal news networks have taken a nosedive after clinging onto J6 “findings,” rather than exposing the Biden administration’s constant mistakes.

More About the WaPo Article

The article title claims the all-so-knowing Washington Post was able to have access to Trump’s psyche on January 6th. When clicking on the article though, there’s a new title of the article and it’s labeled in bold letter BLOODSHED.

The subtitle then states ‘for 187 horrifying minutes, Trump saw the Capitol get breached.’ The article is weighed down with over exaggerations of what happened on January 6th.

At one point, the author’s rhetoric tries to portray Trump as a general who is leading his “MAGA Army” into battle. It’s no surprise the article had to be promoted because it’s political fiction.

CNBC Posts Sponsored Pfizer Articles

Just like Jan. 6th articles from the Washington Post, CNBC’s vaccine articles aren’t getting the views they want either. However, it’s okay because Pfizer is paying them to write articles.

Last month, CNBC posted a tweet with a link to an article that lauded Pfizer’s mRNA advancements. Yet, at the end of the tweet, there was a disclaimer that read “paid post by Pfizer.”

This is the new age of journalism, folks. While real journalists like James O’Keefe are being raided by the FBI, woke journalists get paid to praise a pharmaceutical company.

If the liberal news networks continue to put out “paid advertisement” in disguise as news, then it won’t be long before their viewership crumbles even more.

There’s a benefit, though, in all of this; the age of the internet has taken a fair amount of power away from the corporate media, which it once had. Therefore, people no longer have to be actively involved with biased news networks.

The corporate media still has a major stronghold in this country, but more and more people are getting unplugged from it. Just look at what happened after the 2020 election; even conservatives have now been very vigilant on what data they receive from Fox News and liberals are starting to do the same with CNN.