Washington State Football Coach, Four Assistants Fired for Not Getting Vaccinated

Nick Rolovich, who served as Washington State’s head football coach, has just been fired for refusing to get vaccinated.

Rolovich was the only PAC 12 conference football coach who was not vaccinated. A comment by the university stated Rolovich was fired for not complying with the state of Washington’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

According to the New York Post, Rolovich did everything in his power not to get fired and even filed for a religious exemption. However, Washington State University reportedly denied his religious exemption and terminated him.

He wasn’t the only one fired, either; four other assistant coaches followed him out the door for not getting vaccinated. In a statement, the athletic director of Washington State was quoted as saying it was a “heartbreaking day,” but the priority for their football team is the health of young men on the team.

The athletic director went on to say the football team is filled with “selfless” men of character, which leads many to believe the athletic director was taking a dig at Rolovich for being “selfish”.

That’s the type of rhetoric the left will use to coerce people into getting vaccinated; they will ridicule you and call you selfish if you refuse to obey their demands.

Several NFL Coaches Have Been Fired

Minnesota Vikings fired their offensive line coach for refusing to comply with the NFL’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Rick Denison was the offensive line and run game coach who help the Vikings beat a franchise rush record in 2020; however, he was terminated, due to the fact the NFL requires all coaches and staff members of NFL teams to be vaccinated.

Another offensive line coach for the New England Patriots was also fired for refusing to get the jab. The New England Patriots legendary head coach Bill Belichick also voiced his opinion on the vaccine.

He went on record saying those who are already vaccinated can still contract COVID-19; so players and coaches who are not vaccinated pose the same risks as those who are vaccinated.

NBA Players Being Forced to Get Vaccinated

Former number one draft pick and current Golden State Warriors basketball player Andrew Wiggins also filed a religious exemption, but was denied. The Golden State Warriors play games in San Francisco where there is a current vaccine mandate for all people who enter large venues, such as sports arenas.

NBA Champion Kyrie Irving is also being deemed as “selfish” and “lazy” for refusing to get vaccinated. Networks such as ESPN slammed Irving again and again for declining to be vaccinated.

They even went as far as calling him a bad teammate. However, when NBA team members refuse to play games due to “social justice” causes, it’s seen as heroic.