Watch the Video That Got CNN’s Chris Cuomo Fired

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo was canned over two months ago; however, the video that led to him being fired has just been released to the general public.

New York’s AG Letitia James released a video of Chris Cuomo speaking to investigators about how he helped his brother, former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, while he faced sexual assault allegations.

In the testimony, Chris Cuomo told investigators he contacted several journalists and media sources to help his brother while he faced major allegations from over 11 women who claimed the disgraced governor sexually assaulted them.

More Details on the Video

The video was released by New York’s AG under the New York Discovery law after another party issued a criminal complaint against Andrew Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo originally told CNN he didn’t help or advise his brother Andrew regarding his sexual assault accusations. However, they later found out he was lying to the network and did attempt to cover up his brother’s controversies.

Chris not only covered up his brother’s sexual assault allegations, but also avoided reporting his brother’s nursing home scandal. In March 2020, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a directive that would allow COVID-19 infected patients to be treated in nursing homes.

The result of that directive is over 15,000 nursing home residents died, due to COVID-19.

While Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal was being played on every other major network, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, during that time, decided to report hot pieces on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

CNN Has Turned into a Predator Zone

CNN has not only had Chris Cuomo to deal with, but also several producers accused of pedophilia.

John Griffin, a former CNN producer, reportedly messaged a mother of a young girl, invited them over his to his home, and then performed BDSM with the mother and the daughter.

After allegedly committing the horrific crime, Griffin would work with CNN for another 17 months, even after the FBI seized his devices.

Griffin wasn’t the only one accused of child sex abuse. Project Veritas exposed another CNN producer who was allegedly involved in child sex abuse.

A Project Veritas exclusive report revealed that CNN producer Rick Saleeby messaged a mother and asked for inappropriate pictures of her daughter. In recorded messages obtained by Project Veritas, Saleeby also was recorded fantasizing about sexually abusing a minor.

CNN has been completely silent about the investigation, which leads many people to believe these won’t be the only employees of CNN to get exposed. Saleeby produced on CNN’s Jake Tapper show, but Tapper has yet to speak out or condemn the crimes.

It’s time the Department of Justice does a full clean sweep of CNN and exposes the network for the propaganda machine it is.