We May Be Saying Goodbye to Government Shutdowns For Good Thanks to Conservative Senators


On Friday, some conservative senators put forth bills which would indefinitely keep the federal government open and furthermore ensure that additional shutdowns never take place. The legislation is referred to as  “The End Government Shutdowns.”

The aforementioned bill would prevent any forthcoming government shutdowns by promptly fostering ongoing resolutions; assuming that “The End Government Shutdowns” bill passes, agencies would never go without the proper funding, even when various leaders and politicians are having difficulties with seeing eye-to-eye.

The Backstory Behind the Legislation

According to Deseret News, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman has repeatedly sponsored the bill, putting it forth each year since 2010 when he was initially elected to serve in the Senate. Additional backers of the legislation include Sens. Steve Daines (MT), Mike Lee (UT), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Chuck Grassley (IA), Johnny Isakson (GA), Mike Enzi (WY), John Barrasso (WY), and Jim Risch (ID).

“The End Government Shutdowns” bill is ongoingly being proposed in the Senate because Portman is striving for the creation of budgets coupled with the elimination of “last-minute, haphazard stopgap” measures.

He provided additional details in the following public statement:

“This legislation will accomplish that goal, providing lawmakers with more time to reach a responsible resolution to budget negotiations, giving federal workers and their families more stability, and ensuring we avoid disruptions that ultimately hurt our economy, taxpayers and working families.”

Sen. Mike Lee also provided his take on  “The End Government Shutdowns” legislation:

“And it provides stability and predictability without allowing Congress to pat ourselves on the back for averting a self-made crisis. Shutdowns create instability and unpredictability not only in government, but also for many families and businesses that interact with the federal government. Shutdowns are not a responsible way to govern.”

“The End Government Shutdowns” legislation would immediately create resolutions for regular appropriation bills which fail to garner approval by October 1st. However, funding would promptly decrease by 1% after the first 120 days. Then, funding would then repeatedly drop for each 90-day time period in which Congress failed to pass the proper legislation.

On Saturday, the ongoing government shutdown broke a record, thus becoming the longest shutdown in American history. At this time, there are over 800,000 federal employees working either under furloughs or without compensation for services provided.


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