We Need Answers | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 449


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With entire states now locking down, the officials making these decisions need to start providing real answers. We need to know when this will be over and what the end game is. Instead we get vague platitudes while lives are destroyed. Meanwhile, some members of Congress have been dumping stocks based on information they receive in private briefings. How can we trust these people and their decision to lock down the whole economy? Plus Five Headlines. I will attempt to find five that have nothing to do with the China Virus.

California now under Stay at Home order – 02:00
We need answers – 08:03
L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s comments on the economic impact of coronavirus measures – 18:25
Republican’s stimulus plan is outrageously bad – 26:45
Oprah Winfrey NOT arrested for sex trafficking – 33:53
Marvel Comics Debuts Its First Non-Binary Superhero, Named ‘Snowflake’ – 34:35
Elephants break into a village under quarantine and get drunk – 35:44
Pig starts a fire after eating a pedometer – 36:01
Coronavirus song by Gmac Cash redeems rap music – 36:56

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