When The Media Says “Unarmed Man Shot By Cops,” It’s Usually A Lie | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 528


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are told that many unarmed black men are being murdered by police. But this claim is extremely misleading on multiple levels. I’ll give you the real facts today. Also Five Headlines including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez having a temper tantrum on the House floor because someone called her a mean name. And in our Daily Cancellation we’ll cancel the football team in Washington. They got rid of “Redskins” but replaced it with a name even more offensive than the old one.

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00:00 – Opening
00:39 – When The Media Says An “Unarmed” Man Was Shot By Cops, It’s Usually A Lie
22:37 – AOC complains about name calling
28:05 – Trump threatens to give public school money back to parents
29:02 – Grisly murder in Florida
32:13 – The Crucifixion of George Floyd
36:30 – Bees swarm a beach towel in NJ
39:34 – The renamed Washington football team is cancelled

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