Whistleblower Reveals Border Agents Must be Vaccinated or Else be Fired

A whistleblower just revealed the Biden administration will force U.S. Border Patrol agents to take the COVID vaccine by November or get fired. The new order has been put in place in the midst of a border crisis.

This is a border crisis where thousands of immigrants who are unvaccinated are crossing the border. It appears as if Biden wants to make Border Patrol agents have less of a presence at the US-Mexico Border.

Whistleblower Reveals Border Agents Must be Vaccinated or Else be Fired

The whistleblower’s comments were revealed by Reps. Jim Jordan and Tom McClintock in a letter they wrote to DHS’ Alejandro Mayorkas.

The letter written by the representatives asked the questions everyone is thinking: why are agents about to be fired during one of the worst immigration crises the United States has faced the last two decades?

More Details from Rep. Jordan’s Letter to the Chief of DHS

In the letter, Rep. Jordan expressed that for years, it has been difficult recruiting Border Patrol agents to the southern border; this is due to the location of the job being very remote. He also expressed that due to the difficulty of the job (and the risk factor it poses), there are even less people willing to become Border Patrol agents.

Jordan then took a jab at Kamala Harris and stated Border Patrol agents’ jobs become even more difficult when the White House spreads false accusations about them. Jordan was obviously referring to Kamala’s comments on a viral photo of a Border Patrol agent on a horse with long reins; Harris falsely claimed Border Patrol agents were whipping people.

In New York, close to 72,000 health professionals are in danger of being fired, due to the vaccine mandate issued in New York for health officials. As a result, Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul will seek to deploy the National Guard to hospitals and provide them medical training so they can replace some of the medical workers who get canned for refusing to be vaccinated.

Biden, who has enacted the National Guard every chance he gets, will more than likely send the National Guard to the border if a large amount of Border Patrol agents refuse to get vaccinated.

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Includes Border Patrol Agents

The WSJ released a piece that declares Biden’s mandate as lawless, due to it using OSHA to force employees to get vaccinated. OSHA’s job is to typically promote safe places to work, not make medical decision for employees.

The Biden administration is clearly making OSHA overstep its powers that were granted to it by Congress when it was enacted as an agency. Currently, if companies with over 100 employees refuse to comply with the vaccine mandate, then they can be fined $70,000.

It’s either that or up to $700,000 for repeated offenses. This puts companies in a corner where they have to fire their employees who are not vaccinated because they aren’t trying to pay large fines.