Who is Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin’s Bully Who Threatened Elon Musk?

"Chechnya" by Clay Gilliland

Chechnya’s director-in-chief Ramzan Kadyrov has recently been making media appearances, most notably in videos where he’s claiming to be just outside Kyiv, fighting for Russians.

In the video, the soldiers are seen discussing their further movements on the Ukrainian battlefield, followed by constant appraisal for Ramzan’s “100% correct” tactic, further disproving the validity of the video’s contents as likely Russian propaganda.

“Chechnya” by Clay Gilliland

This has been a recurring pattern in Russian propaganda ever since the Crimea region of Ukraine was annexed by Putin in 2014. Kadyrov is merely a puppet of the giant Russian propaganda machine.

A father and son business

Chechnya, an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation, once waged a bloody war against Russia; however, today, its leader, the egocentric Ramzan Kadyrov, 46, is a major ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ever since he came to power, Kadyrov turned Chechnya into a medieval country while, at the same time, providing himself with the luxurious life that only a few Hollywood stars have.

Apart from owning a golden Kalashnikov, Kadyrov keeps a lion and two tigers on an elite estate on which he spent $54 million!

Ramzan Kadyrov came to power in Chechnya after the death of his father, Ahmed, who ruled before him. Ahmed was assassinated by a car bomb explosion after less than a year in power.

Both father and son Kadyrov fought in the First Chechen War for the country’s independence, but after the outbreak of the Second Chechen War, they both changed flanks and sided with the Russians.

The Chechen economy was catastrophic; crime flourished and kidnappings emerged as a very lucrative business.

When he took over the presidency, Kadyrov set out to eliminate terrorist groups in Chechnya; the situation in this country in the North Caucasus somewhat stabilized.

Unfortunately, progress did not last long. Human rights groups began accusing Kadyrov’s government of grave humanitarian and human rights violations.

Ramzan Kadyrov, a puppet ruler

Zelensky’s office has confirmed a convoy of Kadyrov’s forces was destroyed with ground-to-ground missiles as early as February 26th.

When the invasion was coming off to a rough start, Kadyrov fumed with frustration at the snail-paced advance of the Russian troops, constantly demanding Putin employ fiercer tactics and weaponry in order to conquer this “country overrun by Nazis.”

Kremlin’s propaganda outlets aren’t stingy with the exaggeration of Kadyrov’s troops’ ferocity.

It has been repeated time and time again, likely as a scare tactic for the Ukrainians who have held their ground, despite Russia’s superior military power.

In reality, Kadyrov is nothing more than Putin’s hand puppet, placed as Chechnya’s ruler in 2011, where he’s ruled with an iron fist ever since.

He’s been rolling back gay rights and employing extensive force on prisoners and convicts, according to Human Rights Watch.